PS3 was about to overtake the 360 in worldwide sales

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According to the latest official sales figures from Sony and Microsoft we can see that the PS3 was about to overtake the 360 in worldwide sales before the release of the new Xbox 360 redesign.

A couple of week back Microsoft announced that it had shipped (sold) 41.7 million Xbox 360’s worldwide and now Sony has come out and stated that their worldwide sales  (shipped) are 38.1… just 3.6 million behind the Xbox 360.

That may sound like a lot but that’s about 50% less than it was at the beginning of the year and they have obviously been making up the shortfall since then.

However the release of the new Xbox 360 is re-energising sales across the globe at the moment and we won’t know until the end of September but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them increase that gap up to over 4 million by then and then after that it’s all going to depend on the Kinect / Move war that is heating up for this holiday season.

Source: Examiner

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Last Updated: July 29, 2010

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