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Remember when people thought console gaming was dead? Smart phones meant that people were playing casual games and far too many articles came out talking about the end of days. It was during this period that Sony still developed the PS4 – they knew it offered a different experience and hoped that people would want it. I guess it paid off.

During an interview on AV Watch (thanks Dualshockers), Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai explained that before the PS4 was released, there were discussions about the role of the console business and the dominance of smartphones.

However, we faced that challenge by carefully thinking about “isn’t there something that can’t be experienced there?” By adding together things like the value of the games and the high quality visuals on a big screen, it has become something which we can support.
As a consequence of the experience with PS3, [we determined] that an X86-based architecture which would allow easy development would have also been an advantage.

However, he mainly attributes the PS4’s success to the deep experience it offers gamers. Not only can we play awesome games, we can share that experience socially. Hirai still says that Sony can’t rest on their laurels – there’s a lot to do to promote the console in Japan and ensure that the experience continues to improve. I hope that means that one day we’ll get media support for the new console, but in the meantime I’m just glad that they decided to make it as powerful as they did instead of caving to the demands on the smartphone fad.

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Last Updated: September 15, 2014

Zoe Hawkins

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  • TGS Babay (Umar)

    Dip it low
    Pick it up slow
    Roll it all around
    Poke it out let your back roll
    Pop pop pop that thing

    Wait….what are we talking about again………………………………………………….

  • Admiral Chief Assassin

    Header sounds like something she said…

    • Sageville

      …also the last thing you’d want to hear during a colonoscopy…

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Kinda like your tattoo artist going, “oh shit”.

        • Mossel

          Or a bungee jumping instructor going “no wait!” right after you jump.

      • Admiral Chief Assassin

        Aye good sir, aye, that would be horrible

  • Yeah. I know the mobile market is huge but to me playing a ‘real’ game is when you have a big screen and controller.

    • Mossel

      *keyboard and mouse

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        No no, he said ‘real’ games with a controller, not real games 😀

    • Daniel evans

      yes i agree. gaming on a big 40″ screen using ps4 just cant be beat for me and i have been gaming that way my whole life. the day i give that up for shitty mobile games is the day i go full retard. but hopefully that wont happen lol

      • Completely agree. I know they are making more on the mobile platform but I am totally uninterested in it.

        • Mossel

          Agreed dude. I love Clash of Clans to bits, but it remains a time waster as opposed to something I’m looking forward to doing…like watching a movie/series reading a book and playing games… on PC/console.

          • Yeah. It certainly has its place in the market but I can’t help but feel they are more in it for the money than offering an actual ‘experience’ (the devs I mean).

      • Mike

        Sure it can be beat, a 65 ” TV

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      Mobile gaming is for when I need to waste 5/10 minutes when I’m nowhere near an actual game.

      • Totally man. Not sure how people can spend hours looking at their phone playing games?!

  • FoxOneZA

    Kaz is slowly moving the company into the PS company he wants. Sony is looking at exiting the TV business and with gaming and mobile being their only last bastion in the consumer electronics space, you can see them making use of mobile and console together rather than competing with each other.

    • Josh Melton

      Agreed, that is very good 🙂

  • Suom

    What they “achieved” with the PS4, they’ve lost in practically all their other stuff. Remember when the Vita was supposed to be a handheld console instead of a $200 PS3/PS4 controller? Remember Sony 3DTVs? Or the Xperia smartphones and Playstation Mobile? (Okay, maybe the last one is still relevant, but that’s beside the point). In terms of the “deeper” experience; far from it. All they got is more variety, stuff that we’ve already seen from Xbox360, and ten later the PS3 (even the PS3 is still more relevant than the non-PS4 stuff). They’re cutting off support of their other stuff, even the mobile/online stuff; if they don’t want to “rest on their laurels” and not really do much to improve the PS4, then maybe they should start fixing the rest of their stuff instead of sitting around wondering how the PS4 got so successful.

    • John Doe

      Are you mentally challenged? Is that why you typed up lies and delusions?

      If you haven’t noticed, console makers have been copying the PlayStation since 1994 and the PS4 has raised the bar even higher which is why Microsoft’ has been reversing and copying everything the PS4 does. Meanwhile, this is proven by the fact that Sony hasn’t had to make very many changes to the PS4.

      They are still working on things for the PS4, especially innovative things. DLNA and media file playback support is not innovative. It is on the way but it’s not something to rage over. If you’re using DLNA or if you’re playing media files from an external device, then you most likely allready have a device to play that content anyways. I think people are upset that they can’t pirate or store pirated content on the PS4.

      When Sony adds DLNA or media file support, don’t expect it to be anything amazing. I find it funny people are demanding such unimportant features. It feels like people are just desperatly trying to find something to bitch about on the PS4.

    • justerthought

      You stay on the XB1. You fully deserve it as punishment. Please don’t let me talk you out of it.

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