PS4 Final Fantasy XIV launch trailer is dramatic

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I’m sort of interested in rejoining the world of Eorzea after watching that trailer. For those without video viewing, there isn’t really much to describe beyond some high drama, lots of fighting (including sea battles), and of course, chocobos. It’s very clearly a Final Fantasy game, as it always has been, and now it’s making its way to what I think will be its rightful home: PlayStation 4.

The game will certainly look better on PS4, as shown in the trailers. You could also play it on PC, but I can’t help but feel there’s something strangely sacrilegious about playing a Final Fantasy game on PC. I know, it’s just me – Darryn happily plays each classic Final Fantasy game (mainly FF8, really) as they appear on Steam. But I just can’t – there’s something inherently linked to PlayStation for me.

I really enjoyed my time playing FFXIV – it was a well designed game. All the hype for the PlayStation 4 version is making me wonder if it’s worth fighting with Square Enix’s awful account management systems to try to play. Of course, if they’d shown off some moogles, I’d really be struggling to resist.

Is it just me, or are there far too many MMORPGs at the moment? It feels like everyone is jumping into the genre, and I just wonder how much interest there is in each of the games. I can’t imagine too many people leaving FFXIV to play Wild Star, but TESO is an easier jump (at least in my head). How many players does a game need to truly be characterized as a massively multiplayer online game?

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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