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PS4 Firmware 4.50: Massive improvement to PlayStation VR tracking

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PlayStation VR tracking

I love the PlayStation VR – even though I’ve largely exhausted its library of games (at least, the ones I’m willing to pay for right now), I still fire up the thing for the odd bout of silliness in Job Simulator, and to try get perfect runs in Thumper.

It’s still my favourite of the commercially available headsets, not least of all because it costs half of what the others do locally. Still, if there is an issue I’ve had (as I’ve noted in my review of the hardware and of its games) it’s that the  PlayStation VR tracking – which uses the PlayStation 3’s Move wands – can sometimes be erratic. It’s something I found particularly jarring in my review of Arkham VR.

“There are a few problems of course – most of them down to the limitations of the PlayStation VR’s hardware. Sometimes, hand tracking would be a little off, making the objects in my virtual hands jitter, which is a bit of a jarring experience.”

It’s something I’ve noted in a few other games, like Lethal VR. Hardly enough to ruin the experience, but certainly something noteworthy. It looks like PlayStation update 4.5 – which includes, among other things, the ability to use an external Hard drive for storing games – also significantly improves the PlayStation VR experience.

According to WaggleVR, the PlayStation Move wands now offer much more precision in their tracking. While they’re still busy with a deeper analysis, they have released a quick video showing just how much improved the tracking is.

I’ve just fired up Arkham VR, and can attest to the improvement in PlayStation VR tracking. Now all I need is a few more engaging games. As a reminder, here are the games we think you should be playing on PlayStation VR right now.

Last Updated: March 13, 2017

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