The PlayStation 4 has once again outsold the Xbox One

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Oh how the console war rages on. I recently had to make predictions about what I thought would happen in 2015 and I said that while cross-play would boost the sales of Xbox One, I still thought the PS4 would be dominant. With the January numbers revealed, it appears that my Nostradamus skills may actually be proved.

The NPD group has put out their numbers for January and much of it is what you’d expect – spending is down after the holidays. What I find interesting is that they claim that retail sales data across hardware, software and accessories is down 6% since January 2014. Remember, the NPD can only look at retail sales figures; we know that digital sales have gone through the roof this year, responsible for almost half of all revenue for a bunch of publishers. This means two things, the NPD data on everything other than hardware will becoming increasingly irrelevant, and this 6% decrease was more than compensated for with the uptick in digital.

Seeing as we can only really rely on the hardware reporting from the NPD, it’s interesting to see the combined new generation successes.

The combined hardware install base of PS4 and Xbox One is close to 60 percent higher than the cumulative hardware totals for Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same point in their lifecycles (after 15 months).

So people are picking up the consoles way faster this time around. I think the price points make a difference, but I also think people in general are more willing to fork out cash for pricy gadgets than they were in the past. It’s all about having the latest and greatest toy now, and with both consoles working brilliantly as media centers, it makes sense for them to be selling even faster this time around. Of one of those consoles has to sell more than the other, and in January 2015 it was the PS4 again. That’s with the price drop from Xbox One, again. It’s particularly strange considering that the US was always Xbox country, and now the PS4 is so dominant there. Even with all the extra features for ‘mericans, the Xbox One just can’t get people to buy it over the PS4.

It really is strange to me – if I were in the States I’d probably have bought an Xbox One first. Yes, I’d still buy both consoles, but the Xbox One’s tie in with media is far superior in the States compared to here. But that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening.

Last Updated: February 13, 2015

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