PSA: Don’t sell all valuables in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Dragon Age: Inquisition is blowing my mind with how awesome it is. It’s taken a bit of Skyrim in all the best ways and blended it beautifully with all the things I love about Bioware. However, the valuables and loot system is a bit messed up, and you might end up weaker than you should be if you’re not careful.

The valuables section of your inventory in Dragon Age: Inquisition holds all manner of strange items. From wooden figurines to jewelry and gems, it all gets lumped into the valuables tab. This can then easily be cleared with the “sell all” button when you get to a merchant. However, this is not a good idea – sorry everyone, it’s best to behave like a hoarder.

Hidden away in your valuables tab are research items. These are gold in the inventory and actually have descriptions, so they’re easy to spot. They can all be handed in to the research officer in Haven, granting you extra XP and damage bonuses against specific enemies. If you hit sell all, you will miss out on these extras.

People are still digging into the game, so not all quests and requisitions have been found. However, certain reddit users are stating that later quests and requisitions require other items that were previous sold from the valuables tab. Just to be safe rather than sorry, I’ve been holding onto far too much stuff, feeling like a serious hoarder. At the very least, it’s recommended to always visit the researcher first to ensure you don’t sell all at the merchant and regret it down the line.

For those wondering, yes, there is a buy-back option from the merchants in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but they don’t have a long memory, so it isn’t viable to sell all the things and use it as a strange pawning version of storage.

I seriously wonder why we need to loot so much junk in RPGs. I know it’s just a fancy way of saying “sell this for money”, but it ends up feeling like the world of Thedas is full of knickknacks just waiting to be sold off.

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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