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PSA: Get Desktop Dungeons for half price!

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Desktop Dungeons, from the chaps at QCF is a shining star in the rapidly expanding universe of locally made games. We at Lazygamer love it – and not just because it’s locally made, but because it’s a damned fine game. Tough as nails, but excellent. And now you can get it for half price..but hurry!

It’s available until May 16 for sale on Steam as part of the service’s Midweek madness sale. It’ll set you back just $7.49 for a game that distils the rogue-like dungeon-crawler in to one ingeniously designed, incredibly balanced, tightly knit package. Plus it has evil goats, which are the game animal du jour at the moment.

Regularly hailed as maths with a GUI, the game requires planning and smarts, and is the epitome of the “bite-sized” experience, leaving you always wanting more. Oh, and it works on Linux now, so you really have very little excuse to not jump in to one of the most gruelling, and rewarding coffee beak games you’ll ever play.

The game will be coming to tablets in the near future too, which will make it responsible for many cases of leg-bound pins and needles.

Oh, the Special Edition of the game is also available for half price. Clocking in at just $12.49, you get the game, the Goatperson DLC and the excellent soundtrack by game music veterans Danny Baranowsky and Grant Kirkhope.

Don;t say we didn’t warn you; it’s terribly addictive, so don’t go blaming us for your lack of productivity.

Last Updated: May 14, 2014

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