PSA: Incredible Connection is having another big sale

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Briefly: Don’t have several hundred bucks lying around to buy new games such as Bioshock Infinite or Gears of War Judgement? Well good news cheapskate! Incredible Connection is having another big gaming sale, and it won’t break your bank and force you to have dog food for supper! Details after the jump.

From today until April 2, Incredible Connection will be selling games such as Dishonoured, Binary Domain, Street Fighter X Tekken and Darksiders 2 for R149.95.

PC and handheld also have some bargains going going going, so make a move. Here’s the full list of games on sale.

As usual, it’s best to phone ahead and check with your local branches, in order to avoid disappointment. But hot damn, those are some real bargains. Good luck shopping for ‘em!

Last Updated: March 27, 2013

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