PSA: Pre-order a PS4 at a legit lower price…again

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Update 2: I (Gavin) have spoken to Ramone Pickover from about this odd pricing. Unfortunately there is no secret subversive marketing going on and the truth is far less entertaining. They have recently upgraded the engine that powers the site and are currently experiencing some gremlins in the software. The price for the PS4 is R6299 and there are no plans of that being cut anytime soon. However you may see the kalahari price change again and IF you complete your checkout before it reverts they will honour that price.

So I suggest camping out on that page waiting for the magical R50 price tag to appear.

Update: And it’s back to normal…again. Even quicker than the last time as well. Update ends.

Who wants a Playstation 4? It’s pretty much your only choice of locally available next-gen gaming, unless you want to go through the hassle of ordering online from overseas and paying customs charges. Well here’s another special for you that has just popped up.


Yep, Kalahari is offering another cheap pre-order for the PS4. Right now, if you’ve got the cash to spare in one go, you can reserve your console R5669. And 15 cents.

And yes, we’ll keep an eye on this one to see if the price flip-flops again. But, credit where credit is due, if you pre-order at this price and Kalahari changes the it again, they will honour what you paid originally instead of asking for more bucks from your now empty wallet.

Better get a move on with this deal fellas.

Last Updated: September 2, 2013

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