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PSA–Here’s some more pop culture events to enjoy

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Over on our sister site TheMovies.co.za, we’ve got a post up that continues in the same vein as Free Comic Book Day, but more conventioney. Y’know, like proper conventions. Go on and have a read. If you dare. PU-PU-PUKAWK!

Last Updated: April 12, 2013


  1. This was writing off the cuff by a DRUNK passionate gamer. read past the shit spelling. Black lable makes one write some real shit :p
    I can see myself enjoying movies more than videogames now. Just getting old. The first gen of gamers who are angry as fuck for a reason…. We had to play some really nasty shit back in the day. Then just as everything started tugging my chain, they all statrted getting fired or left. Ready for a NEW GEN of REAL BULLSHIT.

    My hobby has never been through this shit before. We had a crash in 85 then everything sucked evry spare moment of my time since. From coins in the arcades to fights during lunch at school with the hedgehoge fans while I lay on the concrete with my NINTENDO power still rolled up with blue blood all over it.

    What the fuck happend to my hobby? I remember 2007 as the biggist gamer boner ever. But then everything just got milked and made to much money to the point Videogames beat out music and Movies in worldwide sales.

    Yes I got older and had less time and true vigouras brain thought into the night but had no energy the next day to function so I had to cut may gaming time down to 2 hours. I remember going to school the next day back in 92 in the same clothes with no sleep because I wnated to fuck up that Dr Willey in Megaman 2 with no save file and I had no pencil to right down the code.

    GETTING OLD SUCKS. But It looks like gaming is gettiing stale also. I loved Lazy Gamer 3 years ago when I was Old Fart and LANS was defending GT5. It WAS GOOD FUCKING FUN.

    But its all gotten stale for some reason. I have no clue WTF DOTA is, and understand why Yolanda always gets the least amount of hits. I just dont know what all this shit is anymore.

    I alwayes vowed since I saved and brought my own Super Nintento with Super Scope that I will be doing this shit when Im an old wrinkled bastard in an old age home.

    But now at 37… Im bored… there is only so many times one can play the best game ever concieved and that is Mass Effect… before it was Wing commander but……… Im having more fun sitting for 12 hours and watching an entire TV show like Homeland or Dexter than PLAYING videogames.

    WHAT HAS HAPPEND???? I need my vigour rekindled by those AAA games but they dont come around often.

    IM MOVING over to movies untill this indestry finds its feat again.

    THOSE angry rants are not OLDFART Trolling those are venting my frustrations.

    VIDEOGAMES have become a joke… and film is now my new past time… I NEVER BELIEVED I WOULD SAY SUCH A THING.

    Now If that is not any indication that a videogames crash is comming like we have all been harping on about the last 4 months I dont know what is. 🙁

    This is a Oldfart drunk rant so bad spelling is allowed.


    • OVG

      April 12, 2013 at 20:36

      Oldfart is back 🙂


      • OVG

        April 12, 2013 at 20:50

        That was rather entertaining 🙂 now do I go home and get a life, play a game that is meant for on-line, or watch GAME OF THRONES???????

        GAME OF THRONES YOU SAY??? THE VIDEOGAME??? No my lovely interactive friends I just sit and watch a TV show. IM NOT GOING TO JUMP UP AND FUCKING DOWN infront of the TV like a full retard [laying Keincty Animal fucking huggly kuddly tiger MILO the kid shit.

        Im just going to sit… and watch.

        FILMS are more entertaining than the hobby I have spent 90% of my life defending.


        • OVG

          April 12, 2013 at 20:59

          GATV WHOOOOOPY. How often in such a timmid industry???


      • AndriyP

        April 15, 2013 at 07:42

        Problem number 1 is that they focus too much on the penetration…rather than actual games that are quality enough to be bought


    • Rincethis: Spellalicious

      April 15, 2013 at 09:02

      I have never laughed as much as I did when I read this. Never go full retard!


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