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PSN Beta invite sounds fishy

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According to reports a few people across the planet have started receiving emails from news@eu.playstationmail.com inviting them to be a part of an upcoming PSN beta and getting them to sign in with their PSN username and password.

One such person decided to check the validity of the email by tweeting to @PlayStationEU and asking if the email is valid.

Playstation responded with

@Amon69 We’ve checked it out and the email is genuine and completely safe – hope it’s for something good!

So that should be that surely, an official twitter account has confirmed that it’s safe and the email domain is owned by Sony Corp but two things stick out as a worry for me.

The big one is that Sony just made quite a bit of fanfare about renaming PSN to SEN and combining all the services so asking people to enter a beta for the PSN is just worrying. Maybe some admin person forgot about the change or maybe it’s a new product entirely?

That brings me onto the second worry, how can you beta test a new PSN.

Beta testing a new XMB makes sense, or a new PS Store or a new software update. But the PSN (SEN) is the connection point between everything and that’s very very difficult to test from a user point of view.

All in all it’s an odd piece of news to stumble across and while I’d happily sign up if I received the email I don’t have any credit cards linked to my account so the amount of damage someone could do is virtually nothing. However if you receive the email and have cards linked to your account I’d be a little wary, at least remove your credit card details before clicking submit.

Has anyone received the email, are we being a little paranoid for no good reason?

Last Updated: March 29, 2012

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