PSN facing continuing issues

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PSN down

Remember when everyone thought that we’d all be living out of the cloud by now? Servers and networks are excellent… when they work. Of course, when they go down it leads to all kinds of rage and frustration. The PlayStation Network has been plagued with issues since Xmas, and they still can’t get it right.

Throughout the day we’ve been hearing whispers of issues with the PSN. However, Darryn personally went to check because he was the least lazy of us all and he found that he could login without any hassle. However, it has officially become a problem.

The PSN status is currently listed as online but experiencing heavy network traffic.

I’m sure PlayStation will eventually get it sorted out and probably be forced to give us yet another random reward for our trouble. Unfortunately, I worry about the future of gaming with these sorts of issues. Gaming networks are constantly under treat of attack and servers keep going down, particularly when they’re needed the most. Digital copies of games become unplayable and it’s all a giant mess. Issues like these make me feel like old woman gaming – back in my day we didn’t have these problems and when games were broken we just buried them in New Mexico.

I love plenty of services offered by the PSN and other clouds. However, with all the frequent issues causing downtime that prevents a whole range of gaming experiences, it makes me wonder if there don’t need to be more offline options available for players to avoid throwing our controllers through our screens.

Have you been having issues with the PSN, or is life still smooth gaming for you?

Last Updated: January 7, 2015

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