Psycho British Kid Rambles On About Modern Warfare 2 – Possibly Breaks His Hand

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This is one of the more disturbing video’s that I have ever seen… It starts off with some British teenager rambling on about how he doesn’t care if he has milk on his lips because he just chugged it… or something and then goes on to see him smashing his hands into a wall and possibly causing some real medical damage.

All in the name of trying to express the fact that he has been playing MW2 for 17 hours straight and yet still doesn’t like the game, or something. Let’s just say he hasn’t proven his ability to speak coherently or make a logic point in this video.

Now while I am no medical doctor I am pretty sure this kid is certifiably stupid and his parents really should be looking at putting him in a special home or farm school.

Last Updated: November 16, 2009

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