PvP will play a big role in The Division

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The Division

Multiplayer has become a part of more and more games. For some developers it’s become part of a checklist given by publishers. The problem with this is that in most games it hasn’t been any good to play and executed poorly. The Division has a surprisingly fresh take on multiplayer including “a very extensive web-based clan support system,” and an Android app allowing players to take part in PvP combat in real-time.

At first I wasn’t too impressed with The Division multiplayer, having seen very little of it, but the more I see, the more I like. Applying MMORPG features to shooters don’t often take off as well as it should, the developers of The Division though, are doing things right. The game will be faction based; some will be neutral to you as a Division member, some of them will be hostile and one of the factions will be one big happy faction consisting of various law enforcement and the likes.

The game will also have a companion app running on Android allowing players with an internet connection to take part in battles in real time. Players will see the map from a top down view and control a drone with which you can debug enemies, shoot at them, mark enemies and even heal your team mates.

As for the game coming to PC, it seems that if the interest is big enough, it just might happen. The Division will release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2014. All the above details are discussed in the interview with IGN below.

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Last Updated: July 2, 2013

  • Admiral Chief Groot Wors

    This has my full attention!

    • ALKi1234

      I’m moving to Bloem in a few months….so what kind of connection should i have to play a game like this with NO lag or hiccups?

  • Captain Minion TallTwit

    If I had a PS4, this would be the number one game I would be keen for.

  • Martin du preez

    Lol at the PC master race begging for another “inferior” console game trololo


    Go sign m’ lords.

    • ElimiNathan

      We want the game, not the console

      • Martin du preez

        You don’t say?

        • ElimiNathan

          I do say

          • Martin du preez

            I respect you for saying.

          • RinceWind

            SILENCE! #@eliminathan:disqus lol. It does have a nice concept though. But not sure how many people would want to play as the drone?

          • ElimiNathan

            Will get my gf to play drone support 😛 SORTED

          • Captain Minion TallTwit


          • Sageville

            “Drone support” sounds dirty….

          • ElimiNathan

            Aim that turret, and fire….Wait what

    • Mark Treloar

      Without PC their is no console.

      • ElimiNathan

        Amazing….Best thing I’ve read all day

  • ElimiNathan

    Amazing, really hope this comes out for PC but will be getting a PS4 anyway so cant wait!

  • Sir Twakkus

    Wow this looks amazing. Hopefully the petition wont fall onto death ears. Would love to pick it up for the PC.

    • Grim Reaper

      I don’t think Death lends his ears to these type of things much, you know, being busy reaping people and all. Deaf-initely not!

      • Sir Twakkus

        LOL. DEAF ears. Hahaha, I are sorry ne.

  • John Ambitious

    Not for PC, not interested

  • Paul Fouche

    this game is looking very good!

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