Q&A With Gears of War Developer–CliffyB

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Q&A With Gears of War Developer–CliffyB 2

The last we heard from CliffyB was when he was berating us for reporting on news he didn’t enjoy so much. After which we have struggled a bit to try and get any official comment or interview out of him so we have decided to resort to the next best thing.

A twitter interview conducted by our hordes of fans pretending to be random twitter people*, we got to hear about Pizza Rolls, where to eat in Raleigh NC and not to forget some Gears of War insights.

Q: @Bungie777: “What’s your favorite midnight snack? It’s about 2 hours away and I’m hungry”
A: Pizza Rolls, sadly enough

Q: @Phazon117: Was Gears of War 2 the end of Skorge?
A: He’s dead son

Q: @jonlavallee: Will you be at PAX East? Epic showing anything off?
A: Yes, we’ll be there, Say hey!

Q: @derekkage: What’s your favourite bad movie?
A: Showgirls FTW.

Q: @GearJiRV: so where is Dizzy in Gears 3
A: He’s alive

Q: @osgmr: Favorite horror movie of all time?
A: REC. The Original

Q: @TuckerGlynn: Favorite song at the moment?
A: All things Cee Lo <—gotta admit I love this as well

Q: @KilleRMuRd0cK: If you were to be born anywhere outside of the USA which country would you like to have grew up in?
A: Spain. Barcelona, tbh.

Q: @FonziAguilera: Is the diversity in GOW by design?
A: Yes, actually. All white people = boring

Q: @raphealparent: Tell us something we don’t know about you
A: I hate being late

Q: @cscottpalmer: Where’s the best grub/food in Raleigh?
A: Poole’s Diner

Q: @rmangoga: Is has ever been any ideas of making a game inspired by Mexico?
A: Always wanted to see something like Man On Fire as a game!

Q: @SickNdehed: Do you have any strange reoccuring dreams?
A: I dream of my childhood home all the time. Often with zombies or ninjas

And that’s it folks, granted it’s not the most eye opening interview ever performed but I was surprised by some of the things that were revealed. I am a massive fan of Cee Lo myself and I’m pretty sad to hear that Skorge won’t be making a comeback of sorts in Gears 3.

Our thanks to CliffyB for falling into our trap and now maybe next time we can have a real interview with more logical and insightful questions?

*Okay fine they were just random twitter people but at least now their questions have a point.

Last Updated: February 14, 2011

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