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Quantum Break is a mixed bag of issues on PC

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Quantum Break is a mess on PC

Quantum Break left me rather happy after I managed to finish it twice on Xbox One, delivering a thought-provoking time travelling tale while still being a visually stunning showcase for the consoles. The console version, however, doesn’t manage to run the game at the best of its ability, leaving it to more powerful desktops to really push Remedy’s latest title. And after launching yesterday on the Windows Store, it seems it’s a hit and miss.

And it’s mixed because performance doesn’t seem to be defined by raw specifications, but by chance. PC Gamer, for example, experienced a few issues when heading through the first half an hour of the game, but had the framerate stabilise soon after that. Playing on a GTX 970, an i7-5820K CPU clocked at 3.30GHz, 16GB of RAM, and playing the game on ultra settings at 1080p, PC Gamer reported that Quantum Break managed to maintain 50-60FPS most of the time, dipping just below in intensive outdoor fire fights.

On the flipside of the coin, WCCFTech had the almost polar opposite. Playing on a Intel Core i7 3770 CPU with 16GB RAM and  two GTX 980Ti cards, Quantum Break reportedly couldn’t even run properly at maxed out 1080p. For a PC that should be managing games at 4K, that’s a little alarming. Of course the Universal Windows Platform has its issue with multi-GPU setups (which disabling had no effect, says WCCFTech) and technology such as FreeSync and G-Sync, but a PC this capable simply shouldn’t be running into walls at 1080p.

There’s also other issues that seem to be plaguing the game regardless of setup. Texture pop-in seems to be running rampant, with the game misjudging the distance of the player relative to objects and often incurring blurry images as a result. Some players are also complaining about the blurriness of the image overall, leading some to believe that the reconstruction method on Xbox One is present on PC.

But looking at past Remedy attempts on PC, this is all a little confusing. Alan Wake, for example, was brilliantly optimised for PC, so it’s obvious that the new Windows platform for their games is certainly the culprit here. It was for Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and sadly Microsoft seems to have missed the mark yet again.

Last Updated: April 6, 2016

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