Quantum Break will be the ‘ultimate Remedy experience’

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So what kind if games can we expect on next-generation consoles then? Why, more current-gen shooting of course! But hell, it’s going to look damn purdy! But one game in particular is going to at least try and refine that experience, as Remedy Entertainment is looking to squeeze the best from their Max Payne and Alan Wake games, into one massive experience.

Speaking to GI.biz, studio CEO Matias Myllyrinne explained how the Xbox One exclusive would function in conjunction with the TV show idea (TV!), taking a few cues from their Alan Wake games to do so. “We’ve taken a lot of the learnings about interactive storytelling from Alan Wake and we hope to raise the bar further,” Myllyrinne said.

We’ve taken a lot of the learnings about cinematic combat and shooting mechanics from Max Payne to push those further. We’re building on those for what will hopefully be the ultimate Remedy experience.

The game and TV show ship together as one cohesive package. The episodes of the TV show are interwoven with the episodes of the game. The storylines take place in the same location. Hypothetically you can watch one or play the other but you’ll get so much more out of it if you combine them together.

Sounds like a big game then (WITH TV!), so why stay as an exclusive to the Xbox One then? Because Microsoft has that stacks of mad cash, yo:

This is clearly a strategic move for them as well as us. This is something, we have crazy ideas, but we need to fall back and let the full force of a company like Microsoft see it through.

There’s no way on God’s green Earth that we would take on a venture like this on our own. We might have the appetite but there’s no way we could.

So far, Quantum Break at least looks interesting, and gorgeous to boot. There’s no clear indicator yet as to when the game will launch, but hopefully with a TV deal in place to add some pressure, it’ll be a Remedy title that isn’t stuck in development for way too long.

Last Updated: July 5, 2013

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