Question of the Week: L33t SkillZorz in RL

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Question of the Week is back, which means it’s Monday! Last week we had to give it a skip because I was running around in the bush with the Far Cry 2 developers, so I do apologise.

For those of you who don’t speak “Halo” or even “Counter-Strike”, the title is pretty simple. I want to know if you have ever used any knowledge or skill that you learned from videogaming in the real world.

Held your breath whilst firing a rifle for the first time? What about the time you impressed your grandparents with some World War 2 knowledge, thanks to Call of Duty?

Let us know your awesome story and you could win yourself a copy of Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway for the Xbox 360, courtesy of Megarom.

If you don’t write us a story then you can’t win anything, so do it!

[Thanks Dev for suggesting this weeks question]

Last Updated: October 13, 2008

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