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Quickie update on the ongoing legal case

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Unlike most quickies this one isn’t that much fun. Yesterday my attorneys and advocates were back in court along with Colin Webster’s team. Apparently my knowledge on court proceedings is about as in depth as my understanding of the different types of cases that exist.

While I thought it would be all sorted yesterday it was in fact just another court date to set a court date for us.

The first available court date is now the 11th of August so nothing else is likely to happen until then.

A quick timeline for those trying to keep up

  1. I posted an article claiming that Colin was doing something that people should know about (can’t be more specific sorry)
  2. Colin and his lawyer both sent legal documents.
  3. I refused to remove the article but did happily agree to fix the one factual technical mistake that existed in the article.
  4. Colin was not happy with that and went to the High Court to get an urgent interdict, he managed to get one ex-parte. This means that I has the defendant had no chance to argue my case and I was then legally forced to remove the article (and a follow up one)
  5. We then met in court in early March and both sets of attorneys agreed they needed more time and we would meet again on the 22nd of May.
  6. All applicable documents and legalities were filed before the 21st of May, even if someone was a little late with their one.. *spoiler* it wasn’t our side.
  7. The teams went to court on the 22nd of May, everything is now in order and the trial has been set down for the 11th of August
  8. On the 11th of August we’ll battle it out and then the judge will likely adjourn to make a decision.

As mentioned the case is an ex parte interim interdict, but what really bugs me is that I’m currently legally forced to not say certain things about Colin until the court case is heard. While I don’t believe I have done anything wrong it is going to be at least the end of August before I can report on the MSSA or Colin in any meaningful manner.

The impact this has on my freedom of expression, a constitutional right, is more than a little frustrating. But there is nothing that can be done with it now. I don’t want to say too much as the interdict is ridiculously broad and limiting and I wouldn’t want to inadvertently break it.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will do my best to answer them and as always please don’t defame, insult or threaten Mr Webster on Lazygamer.net or our Facebook page. If you see anything please do flag it for immediate attention.

Oh and Colin prints out every single one of these articles and uses them in his court filings. It’s nice to know he still reads the site even if he doesn’t like me.

*Header image makes me laugh because it is included in filed legal papers in the overly stuffy High Court.

Last Updated: May 23, 2014

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