Quiz Time – Who hates the PS3?

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Okay since the majority of you are only going to read this on Friday I thought it is fair that I post some flame bait already.  Flame bait Friday may still take off.

Okay so which influential person said the following?

I think [PS3 is] a waste of everybody?s time. Investing in the Cell, investing in the SPE gives you no long-term benefits. There?s nothing there that you?re going to apply to anything else. You?re not going to gain anything except a hatred of the architecture they?ve created. I don?t think they?re going to make money off their box. I don?t think it?s a good solution.

That would be Gabe Newell, co-founder of Valve. These would be the guys who are making Orange Box for the PC and Xbox 360 (They refused to do the PS3 version).

Those are some harsh words and is something that Sony really needs to take notice off, it is obviously to late to change the architecture of the PS3 but hopefully this makes Sony realise that for the PS4 they are seriously going to need to follow some standard architecture guidelines.

Granted the Cell might be super powerful and the architecture may in fact be more efficient but when you are developing for 3 dominant platforms (PC, Xbox and PS) then you would naturally develop mainly for the platforms which have the same architecture.

So has the Xbox actually limited the development ability of consoles due to its simplistic nature?

There you go, hopefully I have insulted both consoles evenly for flame bait Friday 😉

More from Gabe Newell: part two : Next Generation – Interactive Entertainment Today, Video Game and Industry News – Home of Edge Online

[Thanks to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: October 11, 2007

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  • ocelot

    So who takes Gabe Newell seriously when it comes to consoles? The guy much rather be eating pies then investing his time developing games for anything other then the PC or straight ports. And is it me or does he just like to complain?

    Speaking about the 360:

    “Look, I spoke to some people at Microsoft, and as I said, I can’t point to a single feature in Vista that I care about that solves problems for us at all. And I had the same conversation with the Xbox 360 guys. It’s like, Xbox 360 doesn’t make my life any better, and in fact, it makes it a lot worse, as you’re telling me I can’t count on having a hard drive.

  • Ruslan

    The guys who made the Orange Box and keep getting 10/10 from reviews. So I would take notice. Since the PS3 version is made by EA I am curious if it will be properly done knowing EA’s weird issue with 30fps in PS3 games of late.

    Regardless of what he said for the X360 the OB is out in time and plays very well indeed. Pity you wont be able to savour it until Xmas if you are lucky. 😉

  • ocelot

    Actually I have a 360 so I will be savouring it soon enough.

  • abev

    The ps3 archtecture will have its day….COD4?

  • ocelot

    Also, the guys on the 1up podcast have been stating that Burnout Paradise is better on the PS3, this even includes the online component of it.

  • Ruslan

    He he … Abev, your Friday has been made it seems! 🙂

  • Ruslan

    I dont like statements before games are actually out or people have at least played a Beta of it. Lair brings too many ugly memories of how good it was before it failed to live to the expectations of reviewers.

  • abev

    I still wanna give Lair a whirl, All the people who have bought it say it aint that bad. Apparently the last firmware update fixed some issues.

  • Ruslan

    Firmware update fixes game issues on the PS3? 1.92 or are you talking about a game patch?

  • sanctuary

    I think that time will tell. Comments like this obviously doesn’t help the PS3s public image, but if you’re a discerning gamer you might not pay attention to remarks from people like Gabe Newell and John Carmack who I think are more interested in pushing technical boundaries than producing immersive, well told, replayable decent games.

  • abev

    Update 1.93 I thin it was. Fixed issues with the motion control.

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