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Racism continues in the local DOTA 2 scene

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Here we go again

Earlier this week I posted an article about Racism in the local eSports scene that garnered over 200 comments and caused a huge stir on the local DOTA 2 Facebook page. Unfortunately there were quite a few people on the page that actually condoned the actions as well as a few who claimed the issue didn’t really happen like that.

To respond to both groups of people I’ve been given more evidence from the original infraction as well as some new issues that have come to light.

First up the issue between RapingNinja and Strider, I have now received high res images of their online chat which can be viewed here, here and here. It appears that Ninja is an incredibly naive child and I have to commend Strider for the way he acts in the chat. I for one wouldn’t be as calm when someone says something like this to me

No everyone doesn't say that

For our overseas guests the K word is possibly the worst word in the country. Yes worse than what you are thinking.

The original thread discussing this was removed by the page admin and the second thread was also removed yesterday. However the second thread’s removal is being claimed as a mistake by the thread originator.

Next up we have another local who has also been upset by the blatant racism online and has started his own page to name and shame offenders. I’d urge you to submit any incidents you see to him so that they can be posted on the site.

The worst such incident I can see however is someone who is currently calling himself {DA}The Wrath of Kaptein Koos!!! but his previous names are a little more colourful. Please feel free to click the link and report him for racial abuse. The last time he played was 2 nights ago and he has put in 665 hours into DOTA 2 so you know he’s going to be upset when he can’t get into a game.


And then the latest incident happened in a game last night actually. All the detective work has been done by a member of the community and it appears to be pretty solid. 

As we can see here the player, Kusanagi, appears to not be very good at DOTA 2 getting killed twice in quick succession before abusing another player in the chat. Please feel free to click on his name above and report him to Valve with this image below as evidence. He’s played over 3000 hours of DOTA so will also be upset when he can’t play anymore.


However if you click his name you can see that he has previously played as pheryxia which is quite an unusual name, it’s an incorrectly spelled hero name. A quick search on that name brings us to the DGL player profile for Nazeer Solomon.

Which says this 27 year old male plays for BerZerk Gaming where he is listed as a player in their DOTA 2 team. 

[Update] Berzerk Gaming has contacted us and confirmed that this player is not involved with their clan at all and is in fact part of of clan Insaniti

They also had the following to say

It is a strict rule in BzK to respect players in and outside of BzK 

I reached out to the local DOTA 2 community to see if we can get some contact details for BerZerk Gaming but either my access has been dropped or the entire community is now heavily moderated?


I’d like to say thanks to the people who are sending me links to issues as well as providing more evidence against previous offenders. I wonder if the DGL can link their player lists to their official DOTA 2 profiles so we can make these links easier on all of us? For the record, sexist and homophobic slurs aren’t cool either. Stop it. 

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Last Updated: January 29, 2014

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