Racist Afrikaans language pack to stay in Minecraft for now

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It really is depressing to see this sort of childish idiocy still exists in 2012 but unfortunately with so many idiots on the planet I don’t expect racism to disappear anytime soon.

I mean that would imply you’d have to take responsibility for some of the worlds problems yourself instead of blaming whichever other race you share the city with.

But it’s even more depressing when racism is linked to South Africa and gaming at the same time.

Some ignorant fool thought it would be funny to edit the Afrikaans language pack for the next Minecraft build and instead of translating the simple words into Afrikaans they decided to rather have a button return the statement

You are a NIGGER

I can only imagine it was an American who did that and a idiotic one at that as the vast majority of people who’d turn on the Afrikaans language pack would be white but hey Afrikaaans / African you can see how they may have gotten themselves a little confused.

This little nugget is unfortunately going to be in the latest build of Minecraft for a little while after the developers confirmed that since it was a snapshot build it isn’t applicable for patching unless it’s a game ruining issue.

Personally I don’t see why they don’t check the source history to see who checked this in and then name and shame.

Last Updated: January 30, 2012

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