rAge 2009: Splinter Cell: Conviction

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One of the greatest things to see at rAge 2009 was undoubtedly the live demo of Splinter Cell: Conviction that was being done on the huge screen in the dome.

With Conviction still only being a 2010 title, we were very fortunate that Megarom somehow managed to organise some early code of the game and it was quite an eye opener to see the game actually running.

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A lot of the more informed gamers would have noticed that the demo being shown off at rAge was the same one that we have already seen running on the internet from previous international shows.

Let me tell you though, seeing the game actually running and seeing how the maneuvers are actually performed got us very, very excited for the game.

The visuals in the game are very pretty and Sam Fisher really comes to life in this title as he goes on a rampage to find all the people responsible for his daughters death. Having a good look at one of the games new features, the mark and execute, really got us riled up as the execution (‘scuse the pun) was very simple and incredibly effective. Most of all, it gives the player a serious “I am the worlds biggest bad-ass” feeling when the moves are performed.

The interrogation mode that activates at certain key points in the game also look incredibly bad-ass and satisfying as the player gets to choose what objects around him will become useful for a bit of face-smashing action.

One of my personal favorites in Conviction is a little feature called “last known position” and shows a thin white “ghost outline” of Fisher’s last known location as far as the enemies are concerned, allowing you to sneak around, flank or ambush enemies as they move towards the areas that they think you are in.

With all of the gaming greatness that was on display at rAge 2009, Splinter Cell: Conviction was definitely one of my top picks, with great looking visuals, gameplay and fun-factor.

Last Updated: October 5, 2009

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