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Rage-quitting in Rocket League can get you a red card

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Just like real soccer/football/ball-kicking, Rocket League is the kind of game where a decent gain in points scored can quickly be reversed into a rear-naked chokehold that is followed by a trip to Suplex City. I’m not good at sports, but what I’m saying is that you can lose very quickly in that game.

Like those poor bastards I played against last night in Rocket League who went down 7-2. Blue team never knew what hit them. I just wish my car colour wasn’t blue that night so that I could fit in with the orange team and oh craaaaaaap.

Moving on from glaring own-goals, Rocket League also suffers from one other phenomenon that is sort of unique to soccer: Rage-quitting.

And while trying to get an Oscar nomination by hitting the pitch with a performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination isn’t an option in Rocket League, hitting the pause menu and straight-out quitting certainly is. And that’s something that needs to stop.

Developer Psyonix has a new update for the game out, that’ll penalise players who do just that:

The first player to abandon a “Ranked’ match is now banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes

Other main event patch notes include:

  • “Quick Chat” commands can now be used cross-platform between PC and PS4
  • Stat tracking for online games is now properly recorded for its correlating Garage items
  • AI Bot skill levels now adjust to the average skill level of all players currently in the game
  • (PS4) “Far, Far Away” Trophy can now be unlocked via online play
  • (Steam) “Virtuoso” Achievement is now obtainable and includes appropriate description
  • Fixed multiple crash scenarios

That’ll teach the sore losers. There’s a ton more through the original link, as the game is getting plenty of bug fixes, user interface enhancements and unlimited rocket boost within the training mode. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ROCKET LEAGUE!

Last Updated: August 3, 2015

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