Rare creates Xbox 360-Nintendo DS link with Viva Piñata

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This is possibly the first 360/DS cross platform game of many, however this one isn’t going to make the retail version.

Apparently the developers managed to cross the platform by using the Xbox 360 vision camera to read codes from the Nintendo DS screens so that you could ‘pass’ Pinata’s between the two consoles.

Unfortunately it happened after the DS version had gone Gold and so won’t be in this iteration of the game.

However if I was working for Microsoft I would be pushing hard to come up with a partnership with Nintendo to integrate 360 games with the DS. Sony has it all tied up with the PS3 and PSP and when they finally realise the power of that it is going to be awesome and Microsoft will be left behind unless they do something about it.

I would mind a bit of pigeon hunting on my DS while I am pretending to work at the office.

Rare creates Xbox 360-Nintendo DS link with Viva Piñata

[Thanks to doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: May 21, 2008

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