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Razer gets unboxed

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I’ve been in need of a new keyboard, and you all know how I’ve been enjoying reviewing a plethora of headsets. Well, the good people at Razer were kind enough to send over some new toys to play with, and you get to see me take them out of the box.

For those who aren’t keen to press play on videos, it’s basically just me checking out the Razer Kraken and DeathStalker with the assistance of my equally epic cat, Samael. He really was intrigued by my unboxing. Also, I make a bit of a dig at Gavin about how his unboxing video featured breaking the box.

You will be getting reviews for these new toys soon, I promise. Meanwhile, just know that I’m typing this from my cool Deathstalker while blasting tunes from the Kraken. All in the name of testing. And not using my horrible old stuff that I normally type and listen from.

I’m still ridiculously proud of Darryn for bringing my idea to life in the intro for our unboxings. It makes me want to unbox all the things for you guys. Speaking of which, as we’re moving into more gadget and PC related toys, what things would you like to see? You asked for that Logitech headset that I reviewed – what else would you like? Is there a keyboard that you’ve been eyeing, or perhaps some shiny new components? Let us know and we will do our best to get our hands on it and tell you if you should max out your credit card or it’s not worth it.

Last Updated: July 2, 2014

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