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Razer wants you to help them design their next product

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When it comes to expensive gaming accessories, you’d be hard pressed to find a company that puts out better gadgets than Razer. The brand is well known amongst gamers for their headsets, mice and controllers, and now, Razer wants to start putting out arcade influenced fight-sticks as well.

Except this time, Razer wants the public to really help them sell that “Designed by gamers, for gamers” philosophy.

The new arcade fight-stick is being designed for PC and Xbox 360 platforms, and after being debuted at this years Tokyo Game Show, the company has confirmed that they’ll only be mass-producing once the rig has been thoroughly inspected and disassembled by some 500 odd gamers in a beta program, in order for the end result to be a fine-tuned piece of perfection.

The prototype so far features Sanwa Denshi components, but it will also be made to be easily customised and have hot-swappable parts, for those gamers who aren’t satisfied with the end product. The best bit about this pro-modding minded device? Opening it up, something Razer encourages, will not void your warranty, unless you tamper with the control board.

So if you fancy yourself an expert in modifying and tweaking controllers, or are even more of a casual gamer, then head on over to the Razer website and let your voice be heard, and help create a fight-stick for the ages.

Source: Gizmodo

Last Updated: September 15, 2011

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