Reach out and touch faith in new Assassin’s Creed Syndicate TV spot

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TV spots are weird. They don’t really advertise gameplay, or show the full purpose of a game, but they do enough to tease the viewer into finding out more. As such, this Assassin’s Creed Syndicate TV spot is sort of perfect, even if all it did was make me watch to listen to a bunch of Depeche Mode.

The opening dream sequence went on far too long for me, but I suppose that’s to be expected. Still, the video gives a fun sense of some ways that you’ll end up using your gang to cause disturbances and make your stealthy stabbing job easier. I still wish that Evie were used more in marketing material seeing as she’s a way more interesting character than Jacob, although from the latest trailer it seems like he might not be as two dimensional as previous Assassin’s Creed protagonists.

Also, I know that everyone has their own interpretation of given songs, but I’m confused about the choice of song. It’s a great track, and I was happy to hear it, but my interpretation is generally about one-sided relationships and occasionally about hypocrisy in fanatical religious belief. I’m not really too sure why they picked this song, unless it was just that they wanted a recognizably British band and Depeche Mode beat out the Sex Pistols.

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is launching soon and I’m just hoping that Ubisoft gets it right. I think if this one flops, the franchise will be unable to recover without a bunch of years’ hiatus. That might not be a terrible thing, but I’d rather just see this game be really rad.

Last Updated: October 9, 2015

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  • Steffmeister

    Ugh, now I have Depeche Mode stuck in my head….

    • Same… but the Marilyn Manson version is stuck in my head.

      • Dutch Matrix

        That has-been that faded into obscurity when he ran out of gimmicks?

    • DMusic Man

      How is that a bad thing?….I suppose you’d have preferred One Direction or Miley Cyrus on the trailer huh?..

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Depeche Mode – Depress Mode – which is what AC games make me these days.

    • DMusic Man

      Hey sir, go f*ck yourself.

  • WitWolfy

    I’m afraid Unity was the last cool historian time line AC could go… No offense, bit I dont want to be play as a assassin in the Industrial revolution.. It just seems like they’re just using every possible time frame in Earth’s history now… Running around in London hearing every second dude going “U WOT MATE? I KILL YA, I SWEAR ON ME MUM!”. LAME!!!

    I guess I’m just not a fan of the whole… Jack the Ripper era..

    • HairyEwok

      If I had to choose a historical timeline I would take any Japanese or Chinese timeline from the 800 to 1400’s

      • Dutch Matrix

        I don’t think an Assassin can stand against a Ninja…

      • WitWolfy

        I always wanted them to go the Viking route myself… Or something more obscure but still historical correct of course…

  • GooseZA

    I’m kinda hoping it flops. I’d rather Ubi bring us a new IP in 3 years time than a reskin every year.

    7 AC games (maybe 8???) is already 6 too many in my opinion.

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