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How to be really good at Street Fighter V

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Even though I haven’t played a single minute of it and lied through my teeth in an E3 preview, I still consider myself to be a Street Fighter V expert. After all, I played one of the previous games featuring Stretchy Arm Guy and Raul Julia, and I was alright at it. You on the other hand, are not. You’re lousy, your combos are non-existent and your Hadoukens are more like Ha-nope-kens.

You have no idea then, how lucky you are to have the 2015 Mortal Kombat X Blogger champ/Miss Spain runner-up such as I among you. Normally, this is the part where you avert your gaze as I ascend upwards to my gold-plated SHIELD Helicarrier, but I’ve decided to show you how to not be awful at Street Fighter V. If only because the court demanded that I do some community service, after running over Matty accidentally. Several times. With an 18 wheeler truck. That had tires filled with concrete.

Anyway, here’s how to be really, really good at Street Fighter V:

Right, got it? Do you think I can leave you alone now and not watch you all get crushed by Ken Hadouken spammers? Awesome, my work here is done. NOW PREPARE YOURSELVES, FOR PSYCHO POWER!

Last Updated: February 16, 2016

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