Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer breakdown

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I loved playing Red Dead Redemption all those years ago. It was such fun roaming around the Rockstar version of Arizona, Texas and Mexico, stealing horses, saving people and helping to tame the Wild West to some degree. And, you know, shooting birds while riding trains just so I could get that achievement. After a whole lot of teasing and hype, Rockstar finally revealed their trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, and it’s only a minute long. But don’t worry, I have grabbed all the necessary screens to break it down for you and make all the wild assumptions I can muster.

Red Dead Redemption 2 looks really damn pretty

RDR2 trailer screen 1

The sun rises, showing an impressive draw distance and graphics. It’s pretty glorious to watch this lone ranger get closer as the sun gets higher, highlighting the wheat/grass in the foreground and the character as he draws closer. So, so pretty.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will probably feature dynamic weather

RDR2 trailer screen 2

You see those clouds? I don’t remember my geography that well, probably because I never officially studied it, but there is something about cloud formations like that. Could it be a sign of rain? Could it be that the rain is over? I’ll let you guys tell me, but it’s always nice to see proper cloud formations in games – good sign of a realistic approach to weather.

Red Dead Redemption 2 appears to take place closer to the “Rocky Mountains”

RDR2 trailer screen 3

I know, Rockstar doesn’t fully copy locations, but they come pretty close. While this might not be the Los Angeles recreation of GTA V, this does look more filled with forests, rivers and mountains than Red Dead Redemption – could we be moving further West in this game?

So, so pretty

RDR2 trailer screen 4

In a time before modern light pollution, staring at the stars at night was way more impressive. Just look how gorgeous the night sky is!

Prepare to explore the semi-settled landscape

RDR2 trailer screen 5

The Wild West was once a place where people could literally stake a claim on the land. However, once the land was claimed, it became filled with frontier people, building houses and farms. Much like the first game, we appear to be in that similar, semi-settled period where houses and farms dot the landscape.

Yes, there will be Native Americans

RDR2 trailer screen 6

You can’t make a game set in this location and period without including some Native American people. Will you make friends with them so that they will row you across bodies of water? Maybe. At least, that’s what it looks like is happening here.

Trains and Buffalo return for more action

RDR2 trailer screen 7

The trains in America are sort of a big deal. They helped move people and goods across the country, making that whole moving West idea viable. Of course, wildlife suffered as mankind took over, but at least we can still look at the buffalo (bison?) in their natural habitat.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will have busy, dirty towns with actual women in them

RDR2 trailer screen 8

I love the detail recreated in these games. Just look at the signage, the refuse in the street, the various fabrics of the clothing. So much craftsmanship has gone into making these environments and characters.

You can help on the ranch again

RDR2 trailer screen 9

A big part of Red Dead Redemption was helping out on the ranch. From catching wild horses to gathering necessary goods or helping with the night watch, there was always something to do as a part of the community. It looks like you’ll get to saddle up and help out with the cattle again. Maybe.

WTF kind of dog is that?!

RDR2 trailer screen 10

I know, animals back in the day were for work and some vague form of affection unlike now when they are purely treasured for cuteness and occasional help for the blind or in need. But this dog looks creepy to me, as do the carrion birds picking at the carcass in the road. Towns and cities really weren’t nice back in those days…

I think that’s a lady in the gang!

RDR2 trailer screen 11

No really, look at the one in yellow. No jacket, no suspenders and the pants/skirt are pretty high up on the waist. Plus, that sleeve looks close at the wrist, which would be in keeping with ladies fashion at the time. Plus, yellow? I don’t think many men back then would have worn yellow. Could there actually be a lady in the group? I’m really hoping there is – there were so many badass women during the cowboy era, despite what all those spaghetti Westerns might have taught you. Women were strong and pretty damn good shots – it would be really cool if your crew ran with a woman.

Yeah, definitely looks closer to the Rocky Mountains.

RDR2 trailer screen 12

As the group rides off going further West, it certainly looks like mountainous terrain. Seems we will be heading into the Rocky Mountains… Could we perhaps make it all the way to California?

The game is coming in Northern Hemisphere fall next year, so probably around this time next year if we don’t see any delays. A whole year of hype lies ahead of us, let’s try to take it slow this time, okay? Oh, who am I kidding – I’m sure you’re all already aboard the hype (steam) train.

Last Updated: October 21, 2016

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