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Red Dead Redemption is finally coming to Xbox One this Friday

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Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One this week

All the way back in February, Red Dead Redemption appeared unceremoniously on the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. A answer of prayers for Xbox fans, the game was later removed from the store, with Microsoft citing that the release was just a test for a later and “imminent” release in the future. While the wording might be called into question, that day has finally come, and Red Dead Redemption will ride again this Friday.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson announced that the classic Rockstar Western sequel will be properly available on Xbox One come Friday, with any physical or digital owners able to download the title for use on their latest generation Xbox.

Rockstar were of course absent from E3 (like they so often are), and yet thousands of Red Dead fans were left wondering where their sequel announcement was. I have little to no doubts that Rockstar is close to revealing their third Red Dead title, and the signal boost this release gives might just help them make that decision rather than sooner.

But even if you aren’t worried about the impact this has for Red Dead’s future, it’s still an easy way to go back and explore one of the finest Rockstar titles to date. The story of John Marston was an exceptionally emotional one, padded with some excellent world exploration, good gunplay and engrossing side activities. Mexico may have been a stumbling block, but the overall package wasn’t hurt too much by it.

It’s out this Friday for Xbox One finally. Will you be jumping to the Wild West again?


Last Updated: July 6, 2016

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