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Resident Evil 3 Remake getting a playable demo

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Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 was one of my very favourite games from last year. It was a masterclass in how to take the ideas of an older game and retool them from the ground up to deliver a fresh, exciting experience. It also had a giant bastard in it who’d chase you all over the place – and that theme’s one that carries through, as the big, burly bastard Nemesis is hot on your heel sin Resident Evil 3. Unfortunately, just running away from Nemesis won’t be enough.

If you want to find out if lightning strikes twice and whether or not Capcom’s managed to do another incredible remake, you’ll be able to do so without having to throw down any cash. Capcom’s confirmed that the game will get a demo. Y’know…demos! Those things that most big games used to have, but have become increasingly rare.

at the same time, previews of the remake have hit the internet, and those who’ve played it are rather excited.

“After being pummeled to death a few times, I found that there was no use in running away from Nemesis,” says Gamespot’s Matt Espineli. “He isn’t like Mr. X, who could easily be outrun if you faked him out around some tables, or baited one of his lunges. I needed to actively find ways to slow Nemesis down to slip past him. Whether that was a precisely-thrown grenade or a shotgun blast to face, RE3 challenged me to use every wit and resource I had to confront and evade my pursuer, and I genuinely loved that. It forced me to be even faster at thinking on my feet and brainstorming solutions with that same risk-reward decision making that I adore from the Resident Evil series.”

“My time with the Resident Evil 3 remake reassured me that Capcom is faithfully enhancing what made the 1999 original unforgettable,” says PlayStation Blog’s Tim Turi. “While expanding the scope of Raccoon City, it also ratchets up the action and tension. Enemies are more plentiful and ferocious than ever, but Jill also has more skills at her disposal.”

Honestly, it sounds great, and I hope that when it’s released, there’ll be no fault in our STAAAAAARS

Last Updated: February 26, 2020

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