Resident Evil 6 teaser, try not to yawn.

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Resident Evil 6Straight from the Tokyo Game Show 2011 is a teaser trailer for Resident Evil 6. Capcom released a video with some co-ordinates (48.412796,-89.267478) to a place in Ontario, Canada called Thunder Bay.

I can’t say it’s the most exciting teaser trailer either, with one hell of a blurry looking shot of something I can’t make out. No doubt more news will follow from Capcom in the days to come.

Not sure what’s special about Thunder Bay, perhaps some franchise fans know something that makes this place relevant? A quick Google Maps search does reveal an awesome looking hospital complex a little North of the co-ordinates. I’m guessing this place is holding the cure for the T-Virus.


Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: September 16, 2011

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