Resident Evil 7 being announced at E3?

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Treat this as little more than a crazy rumour – but it could well be that Capcom’s planning on announcing the next numbered Resident Evil at this year’s E3.

A purportedly leaked promotional poster for the game has turned up online. A post on Boxden (via VG247) says that this image is early promotional art for the next Resident Evil, which is taglined “The War Ends Now.”


It seems a little too soon after Resident Evil 6 for another game in the series if you ask me – and with Capcom so seemingly confused about where to take the series, it just adds more doubt. Is it an action game? Is it a survival horror? Who the hell knows.

Of course, this could be little more than a ruse – anybody with a modicum of Photoshop skills could have whipped the dubious image up. There are a couple of signs that point toward it being fake. Firstly, there’s not a single giraffe being fellated, and it uses the same design for the number as the previous game – which hasn’t happened with the series since the first 3 games.

After Resident Evil 6, I don’t think anybody wants a sequel to the once preeminent survival horror series. Instead, I think the only thing that can really make the series relevant again would be a back-to-basics reboot. Nobody seems to think a true AAA survival horror is commercially viable in this new age of action games though – except perhaps Bethesda, who’s putting their publishing money behind Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami’s “The Evil Within.”

For now, I’m saying this is completely bogus – but we’ll see at E3, I guess.

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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