Resistance 2 beta needs you!

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Sony and Insomniac Games are looking for you, yes you, no I’m not joking.

Today, Sony put out an open call for gamers to join the Resistance 2 public beta. Sony didn’t reveal specifics for when the test will begin, but it did say that players would be testing the 60-player competitive battles as well as an online co-op campaign that accommodates up to eight players.

Potential participants must be 18 or over, own a PlayStation 3, have an active PSN account, and a broadband Internet connection. Sony also noted that space is limited.

[Ed]On a side note you can also follow the link to sign up for a PSN account even if you don’t have your PS3 yet. 

I don’t know when that became possible (most probably a long time ago) but now is a good time to reserve your gamertag before you pick up your PS3 for LittleBigPlanet

Last Updated: October 3, 2008

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