Respawn: Titanfall single player would be “a step backwards”

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Titanfall, Respawn’s mech shooter doesn’t have anything even remotely resembling a single player campaign. Their excuse for not including one was that they had a small team, and they wanted to focus on making the best multiplayer experience possible. The hope was that the multiplatform sequel would include one – but it doesn’t seem like that’ll happen. Respawn has shot down the prospect of a single player campaign in Titanfall.

"A single-player campaign? I don’t know," Respawn  boss Vince Zampella told CVG in an interview on the future of Titanfall.. "I think we want to hit whatever part of the brain it is that triggers that feeling of a single-player campaign.

"There’s nothing wrong with a single-player experience. They should exist and they do exist and I would work on one. But doing one with this feels almost like taking a step backwards."

Titanfall director Steve Fukuda agrees, saying that it feels like going backwards.

"To me it would almost be a step backwards," he said. "Doing straight up single-player just feels a little bit to me like going back to what you know, going back…"

So instead, they’ll be focusing on making multiplayer experiences that feel like they’re cinematic enough to tell a compelling narrative within a multiplayer experience. And frankly, I don’t think that’s enough. I bought Titanfall, and I rather enjoyed it, but its world seems to be stuffed with lore that seldom gets touched on. It would be ripe for a great single player campaign. Without one, I won;t be buying the next Titanfall.

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Last Updated: June 27, 2014

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