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Response to 6 reasons why the 360 is in trouble

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Gamepro.com has an article detailing 6 reasons why the 360 is in trouble at the moment. I thought I would take a shot at responding to it… lets see how this goes.

1. It’s unreliable…. According to gamepro gamers are unwilling to fork out $300-$400 on a console that is unreliable. Well I completely agree that it is unreliable but I am not sure how bad that really is. With the much publicised 3 year warranty the more hardcore gamers will feel better and generally the casual gamer doesn’t actually know about the unreliability. Or they have expected it to be fixed already.

2. It only sells marginally better than Xbox… The 360 has only sold 200 000 more units than the original xbox, albeit without Halo yet. What this space. While the original xbox cannot be classed as a complete failure it did lose by a huge margin to the PS2. If Microsoft want to win this generation they need to do better. However so far the 360 is easily outselling the PS3 and the Wii is not really a competitor. I don’t think it’s fair comparing to the previous generation where we had 3 contenders when we now only have 2 and the Wii. As long as they keep outselling the PS3 they can still win.

3. A recent string of bad publicity… Yeah Microsoft has had a bad run at the moment, but people have very short memories and once the glut of games hit the market people will forget about this.

4. It has limited appeal… here it really does have a problem that needs sorting out. I am a huge fan of RTS, FPS and blood and guts games. Though surprisingly my 4 and 2 year old daughters are not. I also bulk at forking out R500 for a cheap movie knock off which limited gameplay just for them. I need real family games on this system.

5. It bleeds money… So all in all the Xbox division has lost about $6 billion. Which may make investors nervous and may make Microsoft can the division. Personally I think this is rubbish, Microsoft are doing everything possible to get into your living room. To bring movies and content directly to your TV. The Xbox is a core ingredient to this plan and as long as Microsoft is making more than enough profit even with the Xbox losses they will keep pumping the money in.

6. It still doesn’t sell in Japan… Yup the much publicised failure of the 360 in Japan is still around. Japan being the second biggest gaming market in the world also makes this a real problem. However the PS3 is failing in Japan as well so really will it matter in this generation.

The Wii has completely destroyed everyones early predictions for this generation and if you see the Wii as a complimentary system rather than a competitor to the 360 or PS3 then you are looking at a 2 horse race. With the 360 still very comfortably in the lead.

The 360 also has the best upcoming games line up and if they can get the Falcon out and fix the reliability issues then they will once again look to be in a great position. Lets not forget Live either. Easily the better online system at the moment.

Link to Feature: Six Reasons The Xbox 360 Is in Trouble for Xbox 360 on GamePro.com.

Last Updated: July 21, 2007


  1. Ananymous

    July 21, 2007 at 07:55

    Wow. You’re a jackass.

    PS3 broke a million in Japan in less than 9 months. You’ve yet to do it in over 2 years! LAWL. Go suck Pete Moore’s rod. Oh wait, he left MS because he’s actually got a brain. Later loser.


  2. ithinkthere4iam

    July 21, 2007 at 11:01

    lmao, this article is hilarious. Sony will take japan soon enough, no gamer can be satisfied with only the wii. it’s a party console, that’s it. all the games that are true to their fanbase and are not prettied up or gayed up for the casual audience and the 3 year olds. The japanese are brand loyalists, they just can’t afford the ps3 at the moment. microsoft are fools if they think they can take japan. Frankly, half the crap you’re spewing is just a pathetic microsoft-fanboy trying to justify his purchase. One year out and only on true next-gen game out for it (Gears), that’s pathetic. Microsoft need to realise, they can’t buy their way into every market. Sony need to realise that they’re stupid fuckers for not buying exclusives and making the price cut permanent instead of for selling out stock.


  3. LazySAGamer

    July 21, 2007 at 11:38

    Why is it that the majority of the PS3 fanboys that comment seem to have the intellect of two year olds?

    Anonymous (Check your spelling) Who is you? I am just writing an article about the 360. I never said they would take Japan and the PS3’s performance in Japan has been terrible.

    Ithink.. Again what is this about Japan? You do also realise that bashing on the 360’s gaming line up is idiotic from a PS3 standpoint?

    but thanks to the two of you I have now been given a great idea for a new article… thanks again… and keep reading 🙂


  4. scotty777

    July 21, 2007 at 17:22

    LOL,this is funny, I’m a fanboy (oh I’M NOT ANONYMOUS!, i’m the siple scotty777 from mybroadband, the best forum in southafrica,) Wow people have some crazy idea’s, yes japan is the biggest market, yes the ps3 it killing xbox BUT remember that xbox has america and europe(which doesn’t feature in sony’s eyes).

    So far, there is NO winner, he wii, is not a next gen console, it’s a gimic that by next year wiill start to die because HD tv’s will be the norm, and the wii just doesn’t have the power. I’m actually sure that when the wii die’s out(this is if every one stops buying them coz they finished the games on the wii 10 years ago) they’ll start thinking whether to go with xbox360 or ps3, and thats when the the console wars begin.

    Why do i know that HD tv’s will be the norm next year, well, if you think of South Africa, DSTV will start broadcasting HD next year, and then if you don’t have hd, you a loser(we are plagued with FAB’s and whats “cool”) then the children will want a xbox or ps3 coz they got high def tv’s,

    I really Love Nintendo coz every one of there machines are worse then the competition(even the psp vs ds lite) and it kills every thing.

    So, yes, i am a ps3 fanboy. but even i am scream :it’s to earlier for a winner


  5. PacoDG

    July 21, 2007 at 17:38

    As a writer on a 360 site I still have no intention of writing off the Wii. It is the best and funnest machine .. but with the least amount of games. The PS3 is in the same boat as the Wii with the lack of games, but, it is more than double the price.

    The 360 isn’t in trouble at all, if crap like Gears of War can help sell the system, then I await Halo 3 and the exclusive content that Grand Theft Auto IV will offer.

    Wii is the winner so far if you go by systems sold only. With less than a year they have already got more than half of 360’s numbers, and would have more if they managed to keep the system in stock. 360 is the winner in the games department, too many good titles to list. PS3 has Metal Gear (which will be out on 360 within a year after the PS3 version, its only a time exclusive) and Final Fantasy (when is that coming out.. 2009?!)


  6. Ruslan

    July 21, 2007 at 19:48

    lol.. So funny to see PS3 fanboys write behind fake names (except Scotty777 😉 ) write what a 2 year old can copy & paste from PS3 fanboy sites. I still find it amazing after how all this time these folks have wool over their eyes and believe the PS3 is the winner already.

    It seems the press & Sony fanboys are having a feast with the measly news that the X360 has plastered all over itself in the past month. For all i care it hasnt affected the enjoyment of countless people who actually play games on that platform and dont replay 6 month titles ad nauseaum to to feel good.


  7. koldFU5iON

    July 22, 2007 at 18:36

    wow I love fanboi’s they just love to put there foot in it, no wonder they hide behind aliases :P, I must say I haven’t heard of many serious issues with the PS3, but has everyone forgotten how long it’s taken sony to bring out their console? the x360 has almost a year and half on them… sure MS has now come out and said our console is faulty, I agree they should’ve done this from the start and sorted it out… but do you really think they’re not doing anything about it? at least we didn’t get empty promises thanks KEN!!

    “Ananymous” that’s how you spell it right? sure peter moore left, but do you really think he’s going to loose all ties with MS, do you really think that they wouldn’t have a “Restraint of Trade” contract, MS are benefiting from this and EA and MS are making better relationships? there’s more than meets the eye my friend. 😉 don’t for 1 second fool yourself into thinking that Sony has all it’s original heads. There have been plenty of politics in that arena.

    I’m not saying MS will win THIS war, but they’ve done a damn good job in getting an awesome console (flawed as it may be) to Millions of gamers around the world! what’s really going to be interesting is the Next Generation of consoles, my friends this only the beginning of the war! we’re are meet beta testers for the real thing!

    what everyone seems to be forgetting is that we the gamers are benefiting the most out of this war… why? we have 3 awesome consoles to choose from, personally I’ll be getting my hands on all. but that’s just me.


  8. scotty777

    July 22, 2007 at 20:53

    Lol, remember that stiff competition is the only way for consumers to get the best, think of telkom, they got no competition and we getting raped!

    But just think if microsoft buys out sony and nintendo, well have a pii60!


  9. koldFU5iON

    July 23, 2007 at 09:41



  10. HungryHooligan

    July 23, 2007 at 11:07

    If microsoft bought sony and nintendo we would get an overpriced faulty machine, where by you use a tv romote to play games. I think ill take a pass.


  11. XennoX

    July 23, 2007 at 21:35

    I pissed myself laughing reading the fanboi arguments. LOL. Ah they always provide entertainment. God guys grow up, besides Scotty.


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