Right wing party uses platformer for its platform

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Believe it or not, it’s already time for politicians in America to start vying for the next elections. The Republican Party has released a platformer to drum up support, and I keep wondering what a South African version would look like.

Giopi 1

Mission Majority stars an elephant named Giopi is a simple, 8-bit platformer that features enemies called “Job-destroying Taxers” who were sent by Harry Reid and President Obama. Using the classic collect all the keys approach, each key represents “helping a Republican campaign get more volunteers”. As you jump on the various “taxers”, sound bytes are released to show the negative comments made by or about Democrats. It just feels so, American.

Giopi 2

While the Democrats could fire back with other classically awful phrases that Republican senators and congressmen have spewed, I do find this approach to ramification of politics quite intriguing.

Could you imagine a South African version? Just think of the excellent sound bytes we could use as you jump around (GIVE US THE MONEY!) , squashing red berets and exploring the sprawling Nkandla map. Why is this not a thing already? Can you imagine how much fun it would be, and maybe it could highlight just how crazy the political situation has become.

I like that games are so mainstream that everyone is jumping on the trend, but I do wish they would put a bit more effort into it. If you’re going to use games to spread your ideology, at least make it something worth playing. Which style game would you like to see used for a political games? I think Hungry Hungry Hippos might be the most appropriate.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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