Rime resurfacing in 2017, probably not a PS4 exclusive anymore

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Rime resurfacing in 2017 2

If you’ve been following the PS4 since reveal, it’s likely you have faint memories of Rime. A gorgeous puzzle game with hints of Ico all over, the game in development over at Tequila Works went dormant for years. It suffered more after Sony pulled out of the project, leaving the title in limbo while it searched for a new publisher. Last week Tequila Games confirmed that Rime was still on track for release, but that a few things had changed.

Those changes were somewhat detailed yesterday, as the studio revealed that they’re now aiming for launch in 2017. We’ll get our next look at the game no earlier than 2017 too, with small publisher Grey Box and Six Foot jumping into the fray to help Tequila Works get the game out of the door. It does, however, mean that it’s unlikely to still be a PS4 exclusive.

Even though Sony pulled out of the deal, Tequila Works managed to wrangle the rights to their game back. This means they’re free to publish on whatever platform will have them, which might be the best idea for a long-lost puzzler announced all the way back in 2013. Given that Rime has been out of the loop for long, Tequila works will need to reintroduce it with a bang, and remind everyone why Sony perhaps made a mistake dropping the project.

Although that doesn’t happen all the time, and given Sony’s strong line-up of first-party titles it’s uncommon for them to pass on quality. But Tequila Games have had time to lick their wounds since then, and their newfound freedom might give them the space to breathe to make Rime the game they’ve always wanted. Either way it’s going to be a tough sell, but I’m open to Rime coming back in a big way in 2017.

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Last Updated: August 11, 2016

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