Rock Band 4 is taking requests

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Welcome to Lazygamer FM! (Insert toilet flushing noise here) We’re live, stylin’ and profilin’ as we’re getting ready to find out just what music is topping the charts this week, and completely ignoring it as we play an uninterrupted session of Metallica, Rise Against and AC/DC! Pretty much none of today’s hits as we’re still stuck in 1985! And we’re taking requests right now!…Geoff, what the hell is an Iggy Azalea?

There’s a lot of music in Harmonix’s Rock Band games. 2168 tracks of the stuff, to be exact, that will be supported in the latest game. Still, that doesn’t mean that your particular favourite song may have made it in over the years, whether it be David Bowie’s Moonage Daydream or Blazing Star by Dethklok. Still, Harmonix wants to hear from you about which songs they should include in the next game.

And hopefully, that song will be available to be licensed and jammed in the game! Which means that I feel real bad for Harmonix having to deal with Alessandro’s requests for Kurt Darren albums to make the cut. As for me, there’s only one song that I genuinely want to see featured: Morris Day and The Time! MY JUNGLE LOVE!

Ohweeohweeoh! Rock Band is expected to be out later this year. Hopefully by then, I’ll have the Lazygamer Band back together for a fresh new reunion tour around my kitchen, as we play all of our classic hits that were knowingly stolen from far better and more talented musicians.

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Last Updated: March 13, 2015

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