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Rock Band 4 won’t let you throw away your Guitar Hero controllers

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Guitar games are back baby, and I for one couldn’t be happier. I hopped aboard the Guitar Hero train when it had a head full of coal, collecting those plastic instruments by the truckload whenever a new game came out. The recently announced Guitar Hero Live will disregard my previous fandom in exchange for a more modern peripheral – but Rock Band doesn’t want you or me to throw away anything just yet.

Guitar Hero Live might not be giving love to your instrument collection, but Harmonix have let slip that they might have use for them still. They’re currently working on Rock Band 4, which is going to be compatible with all of their previous plastic guitars. What’s interesting is that they’re also getting their latest reboot to work with rival controllers as well.

Project director Daniel Sussman confirmed that Rock Band 4 will support old Guitar Hero controllers, making it an even more enticing title for previous franchise virgins.

“Our position is really all about respect for our consumers and for the money that they have spent to get into the game space in the first place. They spend a fortune on games: on consoles, on hardware, and we’re sensitive to that.”

“We play those games too. We buy all the same stuff. A world where you need to have three different guitars and two drum sets and all this stuff is…we don’t want to support that world.”

“We’re planning to support everything that we can: That includes all of the old ‘Rock Band‘ controllers, and all the old ‘Guitar Hero‘ controllers.”

Better still, Haramonix is looking at maybe supporting the new Guitar Hero Live controller as well, although there’s no confirmation that it’ll work out in the end, What is clear is that Rock Band 4 is a far more inviting experience right now, allowing Guitar Hero and Rock Band fans of old and new alike to get into the solo shredding fun with little buy-in.

Considering I have a heap of controllers collecting dust, this is the perfect excuse for me to finally get in on the Rock Band fandom. Have they swung you over to team Rock Band or are you still a Guitar Hero purist?

Last Updated: April 17, 2015

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