This is not good news for Rockstar. There have been many online money exploits that have rocked the in-game economy but at all times Rockstar has been saying they are working on it and can fix it. But some new information has come to light that implies they canโ€™t fix it.

The latest money exploit in use is for players to load up GTA V on a modded PS3 console, then edit some random files and then using the data transfer service you can put it onto an unmodded console and then when you complete a job you receive $973 million.

They then go all Robin Hood on the service and send the money to everyone else.

But obviously if you suddenly receive $973 million you notice it and one recipient took it to Rockstar to try and get the money removed as they were worried that they would now be banned.. the answer they got back was surprising.


For the benefit of our Google friends:

Unfortunately we are not able to remove this money from your game. In case you will get a ban or any other penalty because of that, please let us know and we will have a look into the issue.

So these players are stuck with nearly a billion dollars, which is worth around $20 000 in real money if purchased via the micro-transactions and apparently Rockstar canโ€™t fix that.

If this is true and they really do have their hands tied then the economy is totally destroyed.

Last Updated: October 25, 2013

was reviewed on PC

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • oVg

    This is why the Real Money action house and micro transactions should never be considered in the first place.

    • Wyzak

      Ding ding ding, we have a winner

    • ianmin

      And one would think developers learn from this type of problem and not implement it into their games.

      • NecroRince

        One would think, they apparently, do not.

        • ianmin

          True dat!

          • HarimauPutih

            if rockstar could make a PC version altogether with other console,maybe someone like legendary modder of gta can fix broken economy in gta v.^^

          • Shane-Michael Aiden Gambale

            if rockstar made a pc version problems would get way worse. have you ever played gta iv online before? nothing but modded cars, content and online modes.

      • SaintsRowNigri

        Problem is, they all think they can do it better than the previous guys.

        • Historician

          Just like Hitler did with Napoleon

          • ANGRY GUY!

            or hitler and the jews btw plz note jews are not money grabbing and deceptive BUT ROCK SHIT SHURE IS!

      • oVg

        Blame the suits at the top who do not play videogames in the first place, who think everything should link to Facebook and have all these bells and whistles to make it cooool and new age hip.

        • ianmin

          So true. Gaming should remain gaming, without all these unnecessary extra’s that, in most cases, just causes cheating and takes away from the experience that true gamers want from their games.

          • johnson

            I agree with these homies. Cheating is fun, lets admit it, but when it comes to destroying the games wholesomeness, i def believe its a problem, esp acrossed the www

          • LEGALIZME223

            just like in borderlands 1, the mods for new weapons were cool and all, but once the coding for the invincible shields and insta-kill guns hit the web every single online player had em, ruining the game

    • ianmin

      If I was a developer I would follow suit to what EA is doing on Fifa Ultimate Team with the Fifa points that’s used to purchase packs. Create a secondary currency towards normal coins/dollars that can only be accumulated through purchase and cannot be hacked (or as far as I am aware of, cannot be hacked). Non-transferable, and can only be used for one thing; to purchase packs.

      • johnson

        all bout the benji’s

    • Gorhob Perkins

      Oh, no doubt they new this kind of thing would happen. But why not do it? It’ll make them some money before they axe it.

  • Guest


    • Guest

      Aww beaten ๐Ÿ™

      • CaptainNemo42


        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          Poor bastards…

      • FSR

        Well this is awkward…

  • Tortoise

    Billionaires tax?

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    The powAH of the CLAAAAAWWWWWDDD!!!!!

    • John’s (JJ’s) Steaming backlog

      Was waiting for your arrival about the cloud

    • NecroRince

      Good nana ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mike


  • ianmin

    What thousands of adolescent kids are thinking…

  • Ultimo_Cleric N7

    Those strippers are about to get RICH!

    • Mike


  • ToshZA

    Now THIS, would piss me off. An unfixable, broken online experience – which rewards those who cheat. Its like rewarding game pirates with bonus DLC JUST for pirating the game.

    • John’s (JJ’s) Steaming backlog


      I’m a bit put off.

    • NecroRince

      Exactly ( say looking up from my recently burned pirate PC version of GTAV, too soon? BOOM!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • ToshZA

        Hahaha, that just rewarded the morons with tons of Malware. That’s what pirates and cheaters deserve. Not unlimited money.

      • John’s (JJ’s) Steaming backlog

        Too soon!
        Except for the great part where your pc is infected with a virus. Beehaaatch

        • TiMsTeR1033

          I wouldnโ€™t be surprised if there are some hackers with a half working code of Gta v on pc already…

          • ToshZA

            They did it with WoW, I don’t see why they couldn’t do it with GTA

          • they can but why waste their time? act like the Dev’s dont know that the more holes they leave in the game, the more money they get paid to patch it

            source: friends with a developer

    • johnson

      all about the benji’s broski

    • HeroinesOG

      But this ENTIRE situation is why there should be no in-game leveling system or money or anything of the sort. Rockstar should simply keep GTA as a game of which you run around and do whatever rather than earn money and level up. In the case that GTA was like that then Rockstar, being complete fucktards, wouldn’t have this issue.

  • NecroRince

    Microtransactions are bullshit. The whole point of it is to get ahead without having to do any bloody work. So now you have people who have crews (Southern Massives!) that cannot stand against others for 2 reasons now? One for people who purchase cash, and the other because there are retards out there that think going to all these lengths is cool? Shesh, at least with Monopoly if you tried screwing the bank over you might end up with a house up your nose. Not cool

    • TiMsTeR1033

      Typical people always finding ways to screw over the system… I mean I would rather feel proud and doing hard earned work (and fun ) to earn the cash!

      • CaptainNemo42

        Cause that is why we play games. Or at least that is what I thought it seems.

        • SargonTheGreatPandaOfAkkad

          Clearly none of you are criminals.

          I, on the other hand, never want to earn anything legit. I’m a pirate. I plunder, steal, and murder whenever the opportunity arises.

          Sadly, that isn’t very often. I’m sitting at my desk at work right now… ๐Ÿ™

  • Rock789

    Damn! That’ll take quite a few years of gaming for me to get that kinda cash… ๐Ÿ™

    But, if I were gifted $900million in GTA online… Oh, the chaos I would wreak and the fun I would have!

    • TiMsTeR1033

      Targets on peoples heads, and heads would roll! I mean what I donโ€™t get is sometime in very near future many players are getting 500k I mean is that not enough.. I guess not!

      • Rock789

        It’s never enough! Mwahahahahahahahaha!

        **cough** Um… Sorry.

        • TiMsTeR1033

          You greedy bastard!

          • Rock789

            Mmmmm… Probably! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rikus

    My initial reaction when I read this was “serves them right for being greedy with microtransactions”. Its not enough to have 6 Guinness world records and a ton of cash from sales, noooo, they want to milk us dry.

    I do feel sorry for all you guys playing GTA Online, though.

  • DaxterZA

    Am I the only one that is a bit disappointed in the GTA MP?? It just isnt as fun as I thought it would be….

    • CaptainNemo42

      May I ask why you feel like this. I’m having an absolute blast in the game.

      • DaxterZA

        Its just that it gets a bit repetitive for me, everyone is playing that survival mode the whole time because it gives the most money. And only 16 players per server is a bit low IMO….imagine like a 64 player server, man that would be chaos!! ๐Ÿ˜€

        And MP feels a bit dead sometimes….I guess if I had like 7 friends with me in one server it would have been a lot more fun! But at most I have 3 friends playing the MP at a time.

        The most fun Ive had in the MP though was when me and a friend got a Helicopter and just flew around killing people on the ground, haha ๐Ÿ™‚

        But Im not giving up on the MP yet, Im waiting for those updates Rockstar promised ๐Ÿ™‚

        • CaptainNemo42

          I’m submit to that. I want to play some more death matches. Which is something I have not had lot of yet. The free mode stuff can be a lot of fun though. And yes, some of those extras that R* has promised better show up soon. I still want to go into that damn casino… of bet on Horse racing. Or be the Jockey in a horse race.

    • SargonTheGreatPandaOfAkkad

      Is it because you have a PC and are just watching other people play? That is what I’m doing. It’s called SAD NERD RAGE at being LEFT OUT IN THE COLD AGAIN.


      • DaxterZA

        What is this PC you speak of??? I know only thy Xbox and PS3 B-)

      • Sk3tz0

        GTA V was the reason I bought a PS3.. that and the fact my PC is getting on in years and was cheaper to buy PS3 than up grading

  • LAblak22

    “Hey, man! I got free money, but I don’t want it. How do I get rid of it?” Said but one guy ever in the history of forever and beyond.

  • UltimateNinjaPandaDudeGuy

    I honestly think this is just a useless customer service rep.

    I find it very hard to believe that they can’t remove the money. If there is a script to put money into an account you probably just add a “-” to the number and the amount will be subtracted.

    Or at least logic tells me that.

    • cuz_your_mama_is_with_me_now..

      Can’t you just forward the money to someone else??.

    • Josue S. Lopez

      It’s not a script. If you research it, you’ll find it’s just a simple modification to a .rpf file. What they do is modify the amount that is in the bag that you get from robbing a store. Hence, when they go to rob it, they get 900 million instead of one thousand. Then they just hold down select, go to share cash from last job and gift some to throw Rockstar off from who is hacking and who’s not.

    • dave

      I was playing random online game and someone gifted me $90,000,000, I banked it then I got gifted another $90,000,000 and I banked that, I had no idea what was going on, I just thought some kid had gone a bit berserk with his dads credit card.
      Anyway its the best thing ever I was already rank 80 when it happened and the fun you can have is amazing and don’t have to worry about cash ever again I guess.
      Tinted guns, bullet proof tyres, cars, helicopter, tank (that can be expensive driving around in a tank be warned) but amazing fun. I got out of tank and let someone random drive it drive it and they loved it.
      I know it sounds bad but I love it I didn’t cheat someone else did I was just in right place at the right time.
      I’ve now helped loads of people have fun and experience stuff they wouldn’t have been able to do.
      Like I said I was rank 80 when it happened and I had had enough of ””EARNING”” the right. I can now sit back and enjoy the game.
      Plus just shoot off 9000 rounds just for the shear fun of it ๐Ÿ™‚
      Sorry if that goes against the grain but in the spirit of what GTA is all about then its almost as though it was DESIGNED in.
      Maybe its social test to see who help and who hog the cash. my mates couldn’t believe it everyone of them would love to have it happen to them.
      I’m grateful to the person who sent it to me, best Christmas present I’ve had for a while, bring on the socks and cheap after shave now, I don’t care I’ve got $180M a tank and helicopter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ianmin

    Even true in the GTA universe haha!

  • RStarJay

    The E-Mail reply is not genuine.

  • Kenny Silanskas

    How do we blame game developers who try to incite interesting ways to play in their open world games and not blame ourselves as gamers for always trying to exploit everything? Maybe I’m an old codger but this is why I never play online versions. Too much nonsense.

  • Crazy


  • Guest

    I don’t quite understand everyone’s uproar about the GTA$, if people want to cheat let them cheat, if they want to purchase cash packs it’s their decision to do so, and if someone gifts you $900 million then congratulations you got lucky. This game is ridiculous for making money in especially when grinding missions non stop. I’m sorry but doing that is pretty damn boring and makes the game worthless. I’m tired of seeing everyone complain and whine because someone is glitching to make money, more power to them. If that’s how they have fun or if that’s what they want to do then go ahead and do it. They paid for the game and they paid for the Xbox or PS3, and they pay for any online service so in my opinion they are more than welcome to do as they wish. Not to mention this…it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the game you still have to level up to buy a lot of things. Stop whining and stop complaining and worry about yourself. I began losing all interest in the game when my friends had accidentally caused some other players cars to blow up and now they are in the “bad sport”, great idea by the way, lobby and now I can no longer play the game with them until they are out of the lobby. So now I’m running around the game by myself trying to blow up cars on purpose so that I can go have some damn fun in the game. Oh well in less than a month I’ll be getting rid of this game and moving onto the Xbox One and back to playing Battlefield.

  • Kenneth Adams Check out this awesome GTA V Parody

  • Grant Robertson

    Everyone who used a glitch/exploit to gain money should be shot in the head in front of their families. They have ruined the game for everyone else.

    • Josue S. Lopez

      Well its true it might have ruined the game for those who don’t glitch, but shot in front of their families? That’s kind of a psychopathic thought, don’t you think? No wait .. it is psychopathic.

    • rigamortis tortoise

      Lol i wonder who didn’t get money from modders. Let me laugh at you with my 100B that I won’t give you. Ps…. I’m a modder ;D

    • lostR*espect

      Rockstar effed themselfs when they:
      -created cash cards.(like they didnt make enough money allready…)
      -Released a beta online game and falsly advertizing it as a complete experience. No heists, no hunting or even animals at all
      -dropped mission rewards so that it is more expensive to play than its worth so they can force microtransactions.
      -banning innocent players who recieved hacked money, they don’t even give the option to decline said money.
      -started taking out harmless vehicles like the clean karin rebel…..why?…

  • Jesse

    Itd be worth 2000 not 20000

  • Repugnent

    Looks like bullshit. No support team of any kind is going to email you with a grammatically incorrect letter. ‘Bedcause’? Try again…

  • YourBitchzPreference

    The biggest fail of all is the short story mode that was to hold us for the failed online experience. I rather play a lengthy questy story like skyrim than play online in GTA V at all. The entire point of online gameplay is now lost. The only sensible thing to do is to erase everyones progress and patch these issues but that will never happen. So therefore the game is a failure and should not even be considered game of the year at all. If it is even a candidate I will flip a bitch.

    • Kyou

      Thanks, I will NOT be buying this now!!

    • DN

      Lengthy main quest in Skyrim? Is that just flamebait? I won’t argue with the amount of their content, but the main quest in Skyrim is not longer than the main quest in GTA. Not to mention placing a bucket on an NPC’s head and you could steal everything. Is erasing everyone the only way to fix it, no. Just calculate the max amount of money you could theoretically make vs the hours played in the profile and deal specifically with the cheaters.

  • YourBitchzPreference

    The biggest fail of all is the short story mode that was to hold us for the failed online experience. I rather play a lengthy questy story like skyrim than play online in GTA V at all. The entire point of online gameplay is now lost. The only sensible thing to do is to erase everyones progress and patch these issues but that will never happen. So therefore the game is a failure and should not even be considered game of the year at all. If it is even a candidate I will flip a bitch.

  • YourBitchzPreference

    The biggest fail of all is the short story mode that was to hold us for the failed online experience. I rather play a lengthy questy story like skyrim than play online in GTA V at all. The entire point of online gameplay is now lost. The only sensible thing to do is to erase everyones progress and patch these issues but that will never happen. So therefore the game is a failure and should not even be considered game of the year at all. If it is even a candidate I will flip a bitch.

  • YourBitchzPreference

    The biggest fail of all is the short story mode that was to hold us for the failed online experience. I rather play a lengthy questy story like skyrim than play online in GTA V at all. The entire point of online gameplay is now lost. The only sensible thing to do is to erase everyones progress and patch these issues but that will never happen. So therefore the game is a failure and should not even be considered game of the year at all. If it is even a candidate I will flip a bitch.

  • YourBitchzPreference

    The biggest fail of all is the short story mode that was to hold us for the failed online experience. I rather play a lengthy questy story like skyrim than play online in GTA V at all. The entire point of online gameplay is now lost. The only sensible thing to do is to erase everyones progress and patch these issues but that will never happen. So therefore the game is a failure and should not even be considered game of the year at all. If it is even a candidate I will flip a bitch.

  • John Doe

    lol what in game economy? There is none until the stock exchange is implemented.

  • Jrlm

    Rockstar i just want to let you know that your game is awesome and i would gladly pay 20 dollars for 1 million dollars..because i have a good job and i dont have all day grinding for i see why you put microtransactions in. For the people who have hours and hours to spend i am happy they can earn the money for free..but me? i would pay you 20 dollars a month just to get 1 million a month.i dont care lol.

    • Person

      Thats right for example if i make 80 bucks working for an hour i can et more gta dollars then grinding for $.

  • Eels

    Blah blah blah true gamers blah blah shut the fuck up, viva la resistance. Suck it rockstar

  • TanihKain

    Easy one to fix. Fix the probema and erase all charters and give us a nother similate pack

  • Angelicgrace

    I want to meet one of those robin hoods right now man! I meen Do you know what i could do with even 10% of that cash?

    • Guest_SD

      They gave me 1.2 billion yesterday. I just bought cars.

  • Jesta

    i got given money also. i have 45 billion will i get a ban?

  • Madoff

    I $106 million last night

  • Madoff

    Got*< and so did everyone in my session, including 3 of my buddies. I thought we won the GTA mega millions jackpot. LOL

  • Bevin Bell

    Not sure I see an in game economy you cant sell anything to another player or buy from another player there is no legit way to transfer a car you own to another player. The only economy I see is rock star trying to make more money off the people with there money packs. You wouldnt need the money packs or money glitch if they would of made online modding of cars the same price as on story mode. Than we could just play for fun and not have to grind away doing missions. To me that takes far more away from the game when it starts to feel like a job. Not to mention that the game is based on cheating and steeling and giving big business the middle finger.

    • Thomas Rakewell

      Well said.

      It isn’t an economy when it’s controlled so tightly. The way everyone worries when they receive a load of cash (either gifted or through a glitch) reminds me of some tyrannical political system where everyone’s scared of an all-powerful dictator. And it IS strange that a game based on crime suddenly starts getting all “moral” when people cheat!

      The game is a grind and people are getting bored because they’re realising that, no matter how many hours they put in, they will never progress very far in it. If people do get a load of money somehow, they still have to level up repeatedly because so many items are locked until you reach the higher levels. So it’s still a grind then too. And no one does the missions with you anyway. I say just try and enjoy the money and buy what you can, if you’ve been gifted a load of cash. At least you can make your character look good and get a better pretend car. It probably feels nice to give some to others here and there, when they help you out, too.

  • xanex

    I have 150k too
    i dont know how
    yeeeaaaahhhhhhh ๐Ÿ˜› i already spend almost 20M

  • Gtaplayer124

    That’s my money

  • Michael Wesley Lemmer

    i was given 1.3 billion help me out dont want to bebanned!!!

  • Norman

    they made a game about robbing banks… then they get robbed KARMA!

  • DOM

    Just have some fun with the fucking money, rockstar wouldn’t ban the players on GTA ONLINE if like a quarter of them are saying its a glitch and they did nothing wrong, so people just chill out, use the money for whatever, then wait for a fix, they shouldn’t ban you for something Rockstar has caused. Its their fault that hackers breached their system and are giving innocent players money, Rockstar are likely to be fully aware of this and are trying to work something out but they wouldn’t just ban you all, they know whats going on!

  • Stuey M

    I was wondering if it was fucked, I’ve now got over 400,000,000,000, from people giving it me AND from twice surviving ridiculous bounties! It was nice to go n buy flash cars and pimp them out but now it’s a bit boring tbh because every session I’m in I hear people saying they’ve got billions.

  • NEWB

    Well, I have somewhat of a solution that I’m not sure if it’ll work. You can get robbed, people can send someone to rob you, right? Well just go in an invite only lobby, get like 5 friends. Have them all rob you when you put all that cash in your pocket and see how much you lose? As for the people getting the money after robbing you, kill the person that mugged you but just don’t collect the cash. Would that work?

  • NEWB

    On the other hand, if my solution doesn’t work just deal with it? I mean you got the money, awesome. There’s not a whole lot you can do honestly because you still have to go through leveling up and doing races for your car parts. As for the leveling up glitches, no one can complain about that since you have to do it yourself, no one can do it for you. Unless you gave your account to a friend or something, then.. Yeah. You’re on your own.

  • xxEMOxx

    There is no economy in the first place, you cannot trade, or buy items
    or weapons with other players, once even as a legit player you get to
    like 30 or 40 the bounties are marginal at best. 10k and only on 1
    person at a time…. :-/ pointless, I got nice cars a house and 2 mil in
    the bank…… now what?!?! Seriously by level 37 and I cant even get
    cool weapons til way higher but the missions are boring and
    repetitive….. Rockstar released an incomplete and broke game….. now
    the story mod of GTA V itself that is AWESOME!!! TOTEZ

    One of the biggest reason I bought the game
    was promise of gangland style open world play with friends and being
    able to plan heists and raids….. I have yet to see a Heist or raid
    online….. they just dropped the ball, then tried to screw the
    customer at that with microtransactions….

    I for one would
    have rather bought GTA V and then later had to either but a DLC or stand
    alone for Online then be tricked and misled then disappoint in what
    would have otherwise been a amazing single player game!!!!

    Truth is Rockstar basically conned everyone into Beta testing online without calling it a BETA.

  • FuzzyFTW .

    good for me i have 2 billion without cheats

  • Pd

    This happened because of the greed of rockstar. When they started to try to make money from gta online dlls thats when the hack happened. And im glad because it wasnt fair to get real money ingame.

  • Magic

    Lol I randomly joined a lobby and revieved 99million by killing a bounty, never have I been banned, but sure as hell having a hard time spending it all -_-

  • gtaplayer

    I spoke to Gosia K too. That person doesnt know what he/she is saying. I think its an outsourced helpdesk. Really though. I got my money removed so there is still hope…

  • Ash

    I say just do a total reset. Maybe keep your level (in moderation. If your level is 437 then you’re a cheater). Its way too anoying when you have 3 people with tanks and everyone has the best cars.

  • GtaFan

    I got $200millon dollars from a modder for no reason and i couldn’t give it back after that i never lost the money never got ban for that his gamer tag is Scewgta5. And now update 1.09 gets rid of all fake gta dollars the ones are from modder and that update the only thing i lost was just the modded money that’s it i spent some of it before, Now im happy of what i got, And i never got banned.

  • Mike

    Really? R* Tech Support can’t even spell “Because”? This screams FAKE!

  • Tasty Pete

    What economy? It’s not an MMO, it doesn’t have one. Can I buy and sell with other players? Can I invest in business ventures? Can I buy and sell housing? No, no and no. Back in ’99, players of Ultima Online, for example, gathered resources and crafted goods for sale, placed housing in desirable locations and sold it to other players for a profit, stole from one another and generally invested time and money in order to generate a profit. That was an economy. Does doing a mission, getting $9k then spending it on a spoiler for your car and watching the money disappear into whatever virtual black hole an NPC’s wallet occupies constitute an economy? No. You might as well say that Call of Duty has an XP economy.

  • Noxsa

    and in the end we legit players will suffer, wen they rollback the servers and reset all the progress we made :/ cos that’s whats coming boys! prepare your anus to be boarded by RS REROLL SERVICE !

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