This is not good news for Rockstar. There have been many online money exploits that have rocked the in-game economy but at all times Rockstar has been saying they are working on it and can fix it. But some new information has come to light that implies they can’t fix it.

The latest money exploit in use is for players to load up GTA V on a modded PS3 console, then edit some random files and then using the data transfer service you can put it onto an unmodded console and then when you complete a job you receive $973 million.

They then go all Robin Hood on the service and send the money to everyone else.

But obviously if you suddenly receive $973 million you notice it and one recipient took it to Rockstar to try and get the money removed as they were worried that they would now be banned.. the answer they got back was surprising.


For the benefit of our Google friends:

Unfortunately we are not able to remove this money from your game. In case you will get a ban or any other penalty because of that, please let us know and we will have a look into the issue.

So these players are stuck with nearly a billion dollars, which is worth around $20 000 in real money if purchased via the micro-transactions and apparently Rockstar can’t fix that.

If this is true and they really do have their hands tied then the economy is totally destroyed.

Last Updated: October 25, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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