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Rogue Legacy 2 has been officially announced

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If you cast your mind back to the year 2013, an age before “games-as-a-service” and when publishers were still trying to figure out what actually constituted as DLC that was actually worth the money they were asking for, a little game called Rogue Legacy burst onto the scene and in my mind started the trend that we’re currently living in. The side-scrolling action game had just enough rogue-like elements to it that it felt like something genuinely unique at the time before the market was utterly flooded with other games in the burgeoning genre and doing all the things that we’ve become so fatigued of on in 2020. So is this the best time to announce Rogue Legacy 2? Maybe not but when the children are running around, out of control, you need a parent to step in and give them all a thrashing.

While developer Cellar Door Games was teasing a sequel to their modern classic a few days ago, the initial tweet was put out on April Fool’s Day so people were more than a little sceptical about it actually being a reality. Still, our hopes ran high and clearly all the anticipation wasn’t for nothing as Cellar Door Games confirmed last night in a brief and still pretty cryptic tweet that Rogue Legacy 2 is real and definitely not a prank. Unless it’s just  a super prolonged and elaborate prank which would suck. They would never do that to us, right?


Beyond the confirmation that the sequel is currently in development, we have absolutely nothing else to go on. Hopefully we’ll learn more details in the coming days but until then it’s nice to know that soon we’ll be able to return to one of the best modern rogue-likes. Here’s hoping that the ocean of knock-offs hasn’t lessened the appeal.

Last Updated: April 3, 2020

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