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[Updated] Rugby World Cup 2011 Already Sold Out, Says BT Games

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[UPDATE: We have official confirmation of a stock shortage from the game’s distributor]

Uh oh… if you were caught napping, but really wanted a copy of Rugby World Cup 2011 tomorrow, then you may have a bit of an issue on your hands.

One of South Africa’s leading video game retailers BT Games tweeted this morning that:

“Rugby World cup not on pre-order – sold out until further notice :(“

What does this mean for you? More after the jump.

We aren’t entirely sure what this means as of yet and we have contacted BT Games for more information but have not yet gotten a response at the time of writing. Either the distributor for South Africa Apex didn’t order enough copies, BT Games didn’t get as much stock as they wanted… or… the game already just sold a complete butt-load of copies.

Other stores should still have stock, but if it comes to light that there is a stock shortage in the country, you would do well to maybe plan ahead (or check out Rugby Challenge coming in less than a month).

So check back for updates to get all the info you need.


BT Games have responded to let us know that the reason for this has not been very low levels of stock, but that the the response for RWC 2011 has just been “insane”. This should mean that if they are out, you should be able to find more copies in other stores nationwide, but it looks like they may very well fly off of the shelves.


“Apex brought in stock numbers well above initial retailer forecasts,” says the game’s distributor.  “The uptake of the title has been massive and we are working fast and furiously to get additional stock into SA.”

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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