Rumor: Xbox 360 Fall Update to Bring Parental Timer

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Awesome so we are going to be getting a parental timer… well what is it?

We all know about the parental controls on the Xbox 360 that give the parents the ability to not play any games over a certain rating. So if you don’t want little Johnny playing Gears of War you just set the parental rating to that level. Well stopping him playing GOW is one thing but the problem still exists that Johnny is jamming away to Guitar Hero all afternoon and not doing his homework…

Now it is being rumoured that Microsoft are going to be releasing a Parental Timer in the fall (spring for us) update. This will enable a parent to set a time limit for gaming, so Johnny can jam Guitar Hero but only for 2 hours and then the Xbox will lock down.

While Johnny may be upset this could very well be a deciding point in the Christmas mayhem. I know a few parents would be more willing to pick up a console if they knew the kid wouldn’t use it all day and night.

This is one idea that Sony should be stealing straight away and if this rumour is false, well Microsoft and Sony now have a great idea that needs to be implemented….

Rumor: Xbox 360 Fall Update to Bring Parental Timer – Kotaku

Last Updated: September 5, 2007

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