Rumour – Assassin’s Creed IV is setting sail for pirate waters

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I think by now everyone that has played Assassin’s Creed can agree that that underwhelming slice of sequel did one thing right: Namely, nautical battles. Those rare moments where Connor had a ship under his command and took to the seas were pure joy, as it broke up the monotonous nature of the game for some swashbuckling action. It’s a part of the game that we enjoyed so much, we wished that Ubisoft would have just focused on that instead of ruining five years of work with a crap ending and a chase sequence from hell. Looks like that wish is about to come true.

As seen on Kotaku, a tipster sent them a photo of a marketing poster for the rumoured Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Apparently, AC4 will be announced soon, as said tipster explained that the poster would be set up in game shops next week, March 4. A new Assassin’s Creed game lines up with earlier comments from Ubisoft about kicking off a fiscal year with a new game and character, and a buccaneer setting would most certainly suit the spirit of the game.

AC Poster

Although quite frankly, we’d rather have a pirate game without the Assassin’s Creed guff attached to it. Still, it could be some decent fun, so long as Ubisoft remembers to add to that nautical experience instead of flogging one great idea to death in a quick cash-in attempt. Also, I’ve got this idea for a Kinect extension, that shoots lightning at gamers the second they start using pirate-speak…

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Big thanks to D4RKL1NG for the tip.

Last Updated: February 27, 2013

Darryn Bonthuys

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  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Love the header man!

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    Avast, I ain’t wait to ravage ‘n pillage ‘n roam th’ seven seven seas me hearties!

  • lol Ubisoft saw how everyone raved about the naval missions in AC3 lol ….. now they wana cash in on that

    • GTO

      I actually hope this is true, we haven’t had a good pirate game in ages…. now AC just needs to get good again.

      • Risen was good…said no one ever lol Yeah, I wouldn’t mind this either, the naval sections were pretty sweet so mix this in with some good pirate mechanics, open sea, islands to explore etc, I think I could get pretty hype for that. AC is good, it just needs some god dam focus….and a pirate AC could be damn sweet plus the pirate setting can give rise to interesting characters

        • Admiral Chief Erwin

          ‘t will be jolly to frequent the ports and the taverns and the wenches, arrrr

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    ’tis has awoken me inner scurvy pirate, yar!

    • Brady miaau

      Lightning, man, pure lightning.

      • Lightning?

        • OVG

          Dafuuuuuuuuq? Looks like Gabe Newell at a cosplay party.

          • Gabe…lol she looks as fat as a L’seal ….. huh huh get it?L’cie…L’seal, because seals are fat…and 13 was linear

          • OVG

            I need more coffee :p

          • Hot coffee?

        • Admiral Chief Erwin


        • Sir Captain Rincethis

          So, it the thin Lightening sighs like a wench, what does the fat one do?! 0_0

  • OVG

    Avast yee maties, time to send the British into Davy jones foo……. ARGHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT… Im blind Im blind in my one eye Arghhhhhhhh.

    Silly Animus.

  • Deon Steyn

    Next addon for AC3 will be zombies. Everybody loves zombies.

  • Ockie van der Schyf

    Well then its not assassins creed anymore is it… more like pirates of the caribbean creed…

  • Tbone187

    AC overkill…The series needs a few years off imo…

    • Banana Jim

      At least 5 years, then it can be rebooted, Desmond-free.

  • Even a better reason to support piracy with this game ^_^

  • Banana Jim

    Please just stop with the Desmond nonsense. That’s all I want. NO MORE DESMOND MILES!!!

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