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Rumour: Ben Affleck to direct solo BATMAN movie in 2018

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Batman V Superman (9)

Well here’s a rumour that makes complete sense, because if there’s anybody that can shoulder the burden of both being Batman and simultaneously directing a Batman movie, it has to be, well, Batman! Ever since Warner Bros/DC Comics tapped Ben Affleck to play their new Dark Knight in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Bad Titles, fans have been speculating on the actor also stepping behind the camera for WB’s planned solo movie, rumoured to be just titled The Batman.

Affleck had become something of a walking punchline in his acting career, before he turned everything around by reinventing himself as a director and helming a trio of incredibly well received films that netted him a slew of awards including the Best Picture Oscar for Argo, which he also acted in. That’s too just much directing talent for WB to pass up, and according to a report from reasonably reliable Latino Review, they haven’t.

They’re reporting that Affleck will helm The Batman for a 2018 release, and that the plan is to put it in contention with their Marvel-ous competition. If that is the case, that means that WB and Marvel would be exchanging blows three times throughout the year, with WB’s The Flash in March, Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 in May, Marvel’s Black Panther in early July, WB’s Aquaman in late July, Marvel’s Captain Marvel in early November and then The Batman to probably close out the year (and that’s not forgetting Fox’s mysterious Marvel-related movie sandwiched in the centre of proceedings). Phew! That’s going to make for one hell of a year for comic book movie fans!


What’s more, LR are reporting that WB have also tapped Chris Terrio to pen the script for The Batman. Terrio of course wrote the Oscar-winning screenplay for Affleck’s Argo, took over scripting duties from David S. Goyer on Batman v Superman (with his rewrite efforts drawing tons of praise from the actors) and will also be writing both Justice League movies which Affleck’s Batman will feature heavily in. Continuing that Affleck/Terrio relationship just seems like the perfect thing to do, adding even more weight to this rumour.

In fact, according to Collider‘s sources, Affleck’s contract with WB to play Batman included at least 3 movie appearances and him writing and directing a solo Batman movie. With that many movies to act in, it makes perfect sense though that he can’t tackle writing duties as well, and would thus hand over to somebody he’s already worked so well with so many times, and who is so ingrained in this universe.

Collider have even taken it further to check out the future schedules of both men, and beside for one possible hiccup on Affleck’s side – his adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s Live By Night, which has been delayed several times and may just be pushed back again – all the timelines line up for this to happen. And personally, being a gigantic fan of Ben Affleck 2.0, I am super-stoked for it!

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