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Rumour : Call of Duty : Black Ops Stolen, to be Leaked

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Black Ops is set to be the biggest launch in entertainment history, even eclipsing the previous Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2. With the recent interesting multiplayer reveals, even I’m excited for it. It’s a pity then, that like most big games, it’ll be available to pirates before it reaches the hands of paying customers.

According to rumours, A sticky-fingered thief in Alabama nicked a copy of the game from a local printing press – and has started distributing copies of the highly anticipated shooter.

The thief  apparently sold copies of the stolen game to a number of people, including a member of hacking forum. There’s no doubt that this will find it’s way to darker, dodgier side of the internet, where people don’t like paying for things and keep trying to justify it to themselves and everybody around them by going off on tirades about how making a copy isn’t stealing, and that the publishers have enough money anyway and all sorts of other nonsense that helps them sleep better at night.

Josh Olin, Treyarch’s community manager, has apparently been actively trying to get to the bottom of theft and bring those responsible to task.

That said, the “hacker” in question, “Ungodly Leaker,” says the game was "never in our hands." Continuing, in a semi-literate fashion, and proving irrevocably that piracy makes you stupid, he said :

"It did how ever hit the hands of the Runner (the Computer guy) and according to him FBI came and Took It (RIGHT!!) Ha Ha Ha."  "After speaking with Josh [Olin] no FBI are involved at all but he wants tto know were we got the game from…. NO WERE it landed in our laps but we were scammed END OF Story…."

The game is scheduled for release worldwide on November 9 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Those of you who pirate it before then? I hope your balls fall off.

Source :  HookedGamers, Se7ensins

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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