Rumour : Duke Nukem Forever Development Handed to Gearbox

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Why. Won’t. You. DIE? Word around the water-cooler has it that the game that was in development for..well..ever before becoming a victim to 3D Realms’ demise is back in development – and the reigns have been handed to Borderlands developer Gearbox.

The developer is responsible for Brothers In Arms, the aforementioned Borderlands and Aliens: Colonial Marines – and have apparently picked up right where 3D realms have left off. This isn’t the first time Gearbox have been linked to Duke; They were outed as he developers of the binned “Duke Begins” spinoff project.

Take 2 have indicated that they still maintain publishing rights to the game should it ever see light, but everyone else who could be involved is remaining pretty tight-lipped. 3D Realms founder George Broussard, leader of the Duke Nukem Forever project hasn’t responded to requests for comment, but Gearbox head Randy Pitchford also declined to comment, but has intriguingly said that he’ll be able to clarify the matter at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo.

Apparently sources say a demo might even be available this year.

What do you think? Is this real, and if so do you think Gearbox are the best developers suited to the job? After this long, do you still actually care? It’s probably worth noting that “DNF” is a common abbreviation for “Did Not Finish”

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: August 12, 2010

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