Rumour – Far Cry 4 in development at Ubisoft Shanghai

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Some games just can’t keep a secret. Or keep their own existence from leaking out, for that matter. One such game is Far Cry 4, which is about as secret as my Batman fan-fiction. Crap, I wasn’t supposed to mention that! Here take this Far Cry 4 rumour and forget what I just wrote!

The Far Cry sequel has popped up once again, this time on a LinkedIn CV via GameRant that points to Ubisoft Shanghai developing the next iteration of tropical paradise blasting and mayhem. This isn’t the first hint we’ve had so far of the game existing, but it’s now just one E3 reveal away from being officially confirmed.

What would you like to see in Far Cry 4? Honestly, I’d kill for more Blood Dragon, my favourite standalone of the last couple of years, or a chance to play as Vaas. Far Cry 3 made some good money for Ubisoft as well, so a sequel is more than likely, something that will no doubt make gaming PCs groan with displeasure.

As for the studio in charge, Ubisoft Shanghai is the right team for the job. Far Cry 3 may have been lacking in the story department, but the actual gameplay and design was solid, with the jungle around you feeling like an actual beast that could portray you at any time.

It was a good mix of tactical FPS action, and honestly, the only thing that felt unnecessary in that game besides the piss-willy protagonist was that damn dubstep soundtrack and it’s wub-wub distractions. Don’t ever do that again Ubisoft. I’m warning you. And none of that Die Antwoord crap either. I found it freaky hey.

Last Updated: January 28, 2014

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